when the whistle blows eduardo

By cmslib3
  • Tomatoes

    The platoon was hanging out at the fence and tomatoes got thrown at them
  • Meeting at the cematary

    The platoon is waiting to throw cabbages at stubby is coming.
  • Cabbages

    they wait and a car comes and they throw the cabbages. But it was not stubby it was there teacher.
  • The first day

    School is still open on the first day. The day when everyone goes hunting. Everyone misses it cause of school.
  • Milkshakes

    The football team is at rails having a milkshake.
  • Locker room

    The fotball team is running out of the locker room.
  • The game

    Brian is tackiling a kid on the other team.
  • Carried

    Jimmy being carried off the football field.
  • Surrounded

    JNimmy is sourrounded by people on the locker room bench.
  • Rush

    Everybody was rushing out of the school when the bell rang. It was before the football game.
  • Working

    Jimmy was working at rails for night shift.
  • Eggs

    The guy that always stole eggs came in and was trying to steal eggs.
  • Suprize

    Jimmy heard someone near the store he didn't know who it was so he was scared.
  • Where is he

    When they arived to the store the guy who steals eggs wasn't there. He was down at the rail road a train was coming.
  • Scared

    These guys walk into the shop and they start tobeat the guy who takes the eggs.
  • Blood

    There was a lot of blood on the ground from the guy that steals eggs.
  • Help

    Jimmy goes to get his dad to tell him what had happened his dad did come.
  • Jump

    Jimmy trys to go but his dad pushes theguy and his dad gets hit by the train.
  • Death

    His dad dies when he got hit b.y the train and they are having aviewng for him.
  • Watching

    Jimmy had to watchhis dads cofin until is mom comes back.