Genocide in Rwanda- Jessie Biltz

By burrell
  • Belgium Takes Over

    In 1916, Belgium invaded the country of Rwanda but enables the hiearchy to remain. Belgians use the Tutsis to run the king who was equal between both Tutsis and Hutus
  • Identity Cards Census

    In 1933, ethnic identity cards, which were introduced in 1926, were declared to state the owners ethnicity and must be obtained from their birth date.
  • Party of the Emancipation of the Hutu's

    In 1957, the Hutu Manifesto was published and was created to denounce the Tutsis. By creating this Manifesto, the PAREMEHUTU, or the Party for the Emancipation of the Hutu's, was established.
  • King of Rwanda Dies

    In 1959, the king of Rwanda died and Hutus, who were supported by the Belgians rose up against the Tutsis small power ad thousands of Tutsis were killed and thousands more fled the country. After that, the Belgians turned their support over to the Hutus
  • Major Juvenal Habyarimana Takes Power

    In 1973, leaders of the Hutu power pushed many Tutsis out of their jobs in educational backgrounds. Through this one leader, Major Juvenal Habyarimana took sudden power and devised a one party state. By creating the one party state, ethnic quotas are incorporated into the public services and Tutsis are allowed only 9% of jobs.
  • Economic Problems Take A Toll

    In 1989, poverty caused by the economy hits large in Rwanda. The sudden fail in the economy was shown to be from many World Economic problems. These problems caused coffee (one of Rwanda's main exports) prices to plummet.
  • Hutu Radio Stations

    In 1993 and 1994, the main extremist Hutu radio station in Rwanda, Radio Mille Collines, begins calling attacks on Tutsis.
  • President Habyarimana Dies

    On April 6th, 1994, President Habyarimana's airplane was shot down causing the death of the President and the President of Burundi. Although no sure person or people were proven to have shot down the plane, the blame was immedialty put on the Tutsis and the mass murders began shortly after.