World War 1

  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    On June 28, 1914 while visiting Sarajevo, Serbia, Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, were doing a parade/motorcade celebration. However, a secret society know as the Black Hand, decided an assassination attempt. Several members were stationed and in place to shoot guns, throw bombs, and eventually after a miscue by the driver of the Archduke's car, a boy named Gavrilo Princip shot and killed both the Archduke and his wife.
  • Period: to

    World War 1

  • Fighting begins and World War Starts

    Fighting begins and World War Starts
    Emporer Franz Joseph (Austri-Hungry) officially declares war on Russia and Serbia.
  • Japan Joins the War.

    Japan Joins the War.
    Japan joins WWI by declaring war on Germany. After declaring war, Japan attacks Germany in thier invasion of China. they help out China.
  • Italy declares war on Austir-Hungary

    Italy ignores the treaty with the Central powers and declares war on Austria-Hungary.
  • Warsaw is Captured

    German troops capture Warsaw, Poland. This would forshadow the horrendous events to come in the future. POlaand was really scarred by Germany in this war and the next world war.
  • Battle of Verdun begins

    The battle of Verdun begins, as Germans launch a big attack against Verdun. This would become the longest battle of the war, and would end later on during the year, in December.
  • Zimmermann's Telegram

    Zimmermann's Telegram
    A telegram sent by Reich Foreign Secretary Zimmerman to Mexico asks them to enter the war against the U.S. This telegram is discovered by the U.S. and Mexico is smart enough to not enter the war.
  • The United States enters World War 1

    The U.S. comes out of neutrality and declares war on Germany. President Woodrow Wilson asks Congress and the House to declare war.
  • Communist rule begins in Russia

    The Bolsheviks overthrow the government, and establish the Communist Party, ruled under Lenin. This would mark the communist beginings and the USSR became a model for many other countires, such as Cuba and China to name a few.
  • Soviets ratify the Brest-Litovck Treaty.

    The Soviets ratify the Brest-Litvosk treaty. It is signed by Russia, and the Central powers. (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Turks)
  • League of Nations

    League of Nations is founded. However, the U.S. does not join. This union was dismantled with in a few years because of ineffectiveness.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    The Treaty of Versailles is signed at the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. This officially ends World War 1