My Life

By kdizzle
  • I was born

    I was born on May 1, 1998 in Madison WI.
  • Back to Back

    The Badgers won back to back Rose Bowl in 1999 and 2000 seasons.
  • In Indy

    We moved to Indianopolis Indiana. We were their for a month or so but then went back to Wisconsin to live in Milwaukee.
  • My life in Milwaukee

    When we moved to Milwaukee we lived for about 4 years. Me and my brother would always go to my Grandparents house. But after age 7 we stopped because it was getting annoying.
  • 9/11

    The twin towers in New York crashed while Terrorists attacked the city.
  • Teeball gets underway

    I started Teeball way before I started any other sport. I really couldnt remember alot except for after the games.
  • Huegel

    I went to Huegel Elementary for 2nd grade through 5th. I gotta say it was fun becuase we had a huge field and we had Football games thier all the time. But some of the teachers could of have been better.
  • first badger game

    I watched my first Badger game. They played Indiana at Madison and won 35-3.
  • Madison again

    We moved back to Madison and started to go to Huegel Elementary.

    Barack Obama became the first African-American president in the United States.
  • MJ

    Michael Jackson the king of pop died.
  • Football

    I started putting the pads on in fall of 2009. I played a grade up of my age. If you havent seen Rudy see it becuase thats what it was like.
  • Middle School

    After 5th grade I went to SOMS in verona wisconsin. I was in the house Jr. Cats. It was the best year in school I ever had.
  • Badger B-ball

    I saw my first Badger Basketball game in 2009. I forgot who they played but they crushed them.
  • Rose Bowl

    I went to the Rose Bowl when TCU vs. Wisconsin. Even tough Wisconsin lost it was a great experience for me.
  • Basketball

    Me and my brother started to play Basketball in 2010. i led my team in rebounding in 65 games in the season.
  • Present day

    Well the start of this year is great but I wish I could of done better. I got a C+ in Language Arts and my dad punished me in a bad way. But life is good.