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Egypt's Protests

  • Start of the protests

    Start of the protests
    The people in Egypt have been living with a dictator ruling their country. Young people don't have a good education and people cannot find jobs. They were being treated unfairly by their government and so they decided to protest against them.
  • Period: to

    The Protests

    This is a timeline that describes the events that occured in Egypt when the people started getting tired of their government.
  • Protests continue

    Protests continue
    The protests continue against Egypt's government, and police don't really interfer because most of them agree with the issues that their people are protesting against. Some soldiers try and help out their governor but they fail because they get out numbered.
  • Better, day by day.

    Better, day by day.
    People are calling Egypts protests "Breaking the Fear Factor." This means that the people of Egypt are no longer afraid to speak out. They are going against their President because they are tired of living with a dictator as a leader.
  • The chaos

    The chaos
    As more and more people continue to get hurt in the protests against the government they are also a lot of people getting injured. The Pro-Government people are not letting the Anit-Government press charges against these injuries. Egypt isn't getting what they want but they continue to fight for it.
  • Protesting harder, to get what they want

    Protesting harder, to get what they want
    As the people of Egypt continue to protest harder, they get more and more people injured. One man has dies and 611 people have been injured. To have so many injuries isn't good a good way to protest. The injuries are causes by fireguns used by the protestors.
  • Praying for a change

    Praying for a change
    As some violence continues in Egypt, some people choose to pray for the protests to work agaist the government. They hope to use some peaceful protests against them.
  • Egypt and Tahiri

    Egypt and Tahiri
    In Tahiri Square, thousands of people gather to protests. Though they are getting stronger, there has been 150 deaths and 830 injuries.
  • The end to all this?

    The end to all this?
    The people of Egypt finally have what they have been fighting for, the president has stepped down. People have thier freedom and stuff.