History of the Lightbulb (Emily P.)

  • The Arc Lamp

    The Arc Lamp
    In 1809 on january 1st Sir Humphrey Davy created the Arc Lamp, the precursor to the lightbulb.
  • The First Lightbulb

    The First Lightbulb
    On january 1st, 1879, Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb.
  • The Frosted Lightbulb

    The Frosted Lightbulb
    In 1925 th first Frosted lightbulb was invented.
  • The The Fluorescent Lightbulb

The Fluorescent Lightbulb
    In 1927 Edmund Germer invented the Fluorescent lightbulb.
  • 60,000 Hours With Magnetic indution.

    60,000 Hours With Magnetic indution.
    In 1991 Philips invented a lightbulb that lasted 60,000 hours which uses magnetic induction.