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    Adolf Hitler

  • Hitler is born

    Hitler is born
    He was born in a small Austrian village right across the border from Germany.
  • Death of Edmund

    Hitlers younger brother died of measles at age 6. It was said to shaken Hitler badly.
  • Hitler drops out of highschool

    Hitler flunked out of highschool with poor grades and a reputationn as a trouble maker.
  • hitlers fails art exam

    Hitler took money from his mother and went to live in Vienna. the failure of his exam hit him hard. he was told that his painting lacked but his architechure was okay.
  • Hitlers mother dies

    Hitlers moothe died of breast cancer, it was slowed don by the efforts of doctors.
  • Hitler joins the army

    Hitler joins the army
    Hitler eagerly volenteered for the greman army. He was a sloppy soldier but always eager for something dangerous to do.
  • Hitler receives the iron cross

    Hitler receives the iron cross
    He received it for bravery. This award is very rare.
  • Hitler joins the German workers party

    Hitler was ordered to investigate this group and found that he shared their views. After much thought he decided to join the party and enter politics.
  • The nazi party is formed

    The nazi party is formed
    Hitler raised the german workers party to almost three thousand members. It was now called the National Socialist German Workers' Party. In german (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) For short Nazi
  • Hitler named leader of Nazi party

    There was a revolt while Hitler was away on a trip, they wanted to weaken his position. He cameback from this by threatning to resign. They relized this would be the end of the nazi party. They then had a vote and made Hitler the leader.
  • Overthrow fails

    Hitler attempts to overthrow the goverment with his nazi troops but fails. He was thrown into jail but only after the press got ahold of his ideas. He writes his book mein kompf in prison.
  • Elections

    Germany fell into depression, Hitler knew this was the time to act. There was an election and the people elected the nazi party to get them out of this trouble. This made them the second biggest political party.
  • Geil Raubal commits sucide

    Hitlers neice and love shot her self. Hitler was very jealous of her and made her stay in his apartment.
  • Chancellor of germany

    itlers speecHitler is made Chancellor much to the pleasure of the crowds.
  • Pesident Hindenburg backs down

    Hitler convinced the president to back down after many trys.
  • Germany attacks Poland

    Germany attacked poland to start WW2
  • WW2

    Most of the bad tings he is known for is during world war 2. He put many people into concetration camps and killed many more. He tortured and used prisoners for expierements. these events were to numerous to put in a timeline.
  • Hitler death

    Hitler death
    Hitler commited sucide with his pistol called a Luger. He killled himself as the allies were attacking.