RPG Backstory

  • Infinite Space Travels Incorporated

  • ISC wins NASA first NASA contract

  • First Lunar Colony established by ISC

    Started providing resources and water to Earth, however, for a great price
  • Period: to

    Resources on Earth start reaching critical levels

    China and the United States compete with one another for resources coming to the brink of war many times, however, no wars are actually fought.
  • First Chinese Lunar colony

    Next to the ISC colony
  • ISPECT founded

    International Space Exploration and Colonization Treaty of 2152(ISPECT). ISPECT outlined that only sovereign nations could found new colonies on extraterrestrial planets only if approved by the Security Council of the United Nations. At that time the US, China, Brazil, Russia, the EU, India, and Indonesia were permanent members of the Security Council, which essentially meant that these countries would be the only ones able to found colonies in space. While other nations felt betrayed by the tre
  • Period: to

    Heavy Lunar colonization

    By 2160, every country on the Security Council had established a colony on the moon and the water and mineral resources were slowly evaporating. The colonies also grew in size as Earth's cities began to become more crowded. China had control over the Northern Pole and the US had control of the Southern Pole which also contained water but not nearly as much. ISC still maintained its colony just south of the Chinese colony. The ISC colony quickly became the largest as citizens from non-security co