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History Time line 1987-2010

By mukta11
  • Politics and Diversity 2-The Meech Lake Accord

    Politics and Diversity 2-The Meech Lake Accord
    Brian Mulroney was a progressive conservative and a Quebecois he was elected prime minster. His goal is to brin Quebec into the constitution, he held a conference at the Meech Lake in Quebec. It was called the Meech Laker Constitutional Accord of 1987. It included shared contorl of immigration and many more. This affected Canada is many ways for one it was a failure, it brought inequality. Many people doubted Canada after this.
  • Globilization 2-Freer Trade Between Canada and the U.S.

    Globilization 2-Freer Trade Between Canada and the U.S.
    In 1980 Canadian businesses were urging Brian Mulroney to promtoe freer trade between Canada and the U.S. Most members had been arguing for protectionism. U.S. president Ronald Reagan liked freer trade, in 1987 he told americans "restricting trade in a long run is bad for everyone". Mulroney supported free trade, and his government won the election. They also included Mexico as a partner, This will affect local Canadian bussnisses and the ecomney will be low.
  • Canadian Identy 1-An Aging Population

    Canadian Identy 1-An Aging Population
    Demographers have been doing reserch and found out the Canada is aging. In 1991 research showed that 11.5% of people were sixty five years of age or older. Around 2001 the age rate has risen to 13%. The population had grown to 13.7% by 2006, the trend will countinue. This show's that Canada is accepting new people everyday because of all the
    opportunities that are available in Canada. The problem is it will be a pain for health care system's.
  • International 2-End of Gulf War

    International 2-End of Gulf War
    Iraq's armed forces quickley got scared from the much larger better-equipped coalition force. On Feb 26 the iraqi toops started backing out from Kuwait. Soldiers stopped Saddam's troops from attacking Baghdad. Saddam still remained in power. Canadian forces played an important role in this mission, a field engineer unit helped clear landmines planted by iraqi forces. One object was to relieve U,S. troops and to put Canadian soldiers in strategic area. Some Canadian died from gas exposure.
  • International 1-The landmine Agreement

    International 1-The landmine Agreement
    Military's plant landmines all over the world, because they are cheap and very affective. The UN tried to make rules to ban landmines but they failed. Many countries sighned the landmine agreement to ban them but many countries did not sighn. Like US, Russia, Iran, Iraq, China, India and many more. They said land mines are good for defence. This affected Canada because Canada is a peace keeping country. Ten years from 1997 Canada sighned the land mine agreement for the saftey of Canadians.
  • Globalization 1-The Kyoto Protocol

    Globalization 1-The Kyoto Protocol
    Canada and other countries agreed to sighn the Kyoto Protocol, its purpose was to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Canada focused on requiring industries to reduce greenhouse gas's. In Alberta the government preditced 450 000 jobs would be lost. When Stephen Harper became prime minster he backed away from this. This affected Canada because it would have costed to much money, the ecomney would be very low. More things will be expensive to purchase.
  • Own Event 1-Kobe Bean Bryant

    Own Event 1-Kobe Bean Bryant
    Kobe Bean Bryant shocked the world as he scored a carrer high of Eighty one points against the Toronto Raptors. Kobe Bryant made a historical day for the Los Angles Lakers as he scored the second most points in NBA history. This affected me in many ways because i did not like sports. I used to be someone that just hangs with freinds. I started playing basketball because of Kobe. If i did'nt find out about this athlete and how great he was i may have been a kid that does drugs with people.
  • Canadian Identy 2-Refugees and Immigrants

    Canadian Identy 2-Refugees and Immigrants
    Canada was one of seven of the countrys that had accepted to help the Bhutanese refugees. In Canada they welcome about 221 000 immigrants and refugees. In late 2008, twenty four Bhutanese refugees went to Saint-Jerome Quebec, The Twenty four poeple were the first of 5000 Bhutanese refugees. The proved that Canada brings in immigrants and refugees to give them better lives and more opportunites for jobs.
  • Politics and Diversity 1-The Healing Process

    Politics and Diversity 1-The Healing Process
    In 2006 the federal government offered residential school survivors 1.9 billion dollars in compensation. June 11 2008 Canadian Prime minster Stephen Harper had rose in the house of commons. Stephen Harper had apologized for the school's policy. The Quebec native women did not accept the apology. The show's that Canada is a peace keeping country and apologizes for thier mistakes. Canada is genoures, it showed many people that the Canadian government is running a good country.
  • Own Event 2-Hospital moment

    Own Event 2-Hospital moment
    On 10/13/10 i was sent to Mcmaster Hospital because i was puking out blood, it was the most pain i think i ever had. When i was there they put a four foot tub up my nose and into my stomach to see if they could find out the problem. The next day a had a endoscopy test to see what was wrong. The worst part about those four days was it was my birthday. This affected me many ways i get scared when i get stomach achs because i think it might happen. After this moment I want to help the sick kids.