France & British commonwealth

  • Australia & New Zealand

    James Cook, British explorer, makes his first visit to New Zealand. He claims parts of the country in the name of King George III.
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    France & British commonwealth timeline

  • Canada: Canada Act

    It was an Act of the British Parliament creating an Upper Canada (Ontario) and Lower Canada (Quebec). It met the demands or loyalists, gave the people of Canada the same rights as British people in North America, gave power over taxation given to the assembly. Also it gave the Governor power to withhold assent to bills passed by the legislative council and assembly, and it declared that the Catholic faith should continue be respected while making provisions for lands to be set aside to support t
  • Irish: Catholic assosiation founded.

    Daniel O'Connell founds the Catholic Association to campaign for the removal of discrimination against Catholics.
  • Ireland: O'Connel voted into office

    Daniel O’Connell voted into the house of commons, but cound not take his seat because of anticatholic laws.
  • Canada: The Durham Report.

    It was a report on the affairs of British North America, that investigated the cause of the rebellion of 1837-1838. It was presented by John George Lambton.
  • Australia & New Zealand:

    British gave sovereignty a governor leader over New Zealand.
  • Canada: Act of Union:

    It was an act of the British Parliament, and it united Upper and Lower Canada under one government.
  • Ireland: The great famine strikes Ireland.

    caused by a fungus destroying irieland's crops. This caused widespread famine, poverty, and causeing the deaths of 1 million people in Ireland. An additional million and a half people fled from ireland to escape the famine. most went to the U.S., Britian, Canida, and Australia.
  • Australia & New Zealand

    In the 1800’s the government encouraged people to buy land for cheap and in 1851 immigration sky rocketed because of the Australian gold rush.
  • Canada: Dominion of Canada:

    This was when a national holiday went from being called Dominion Day to Canada Day, this finalized the name change of Canada. (Canada's original name was Dominion of Canada but it started to change when they gained political independence from the United Kingdom)
  • Australia & New Zealand.

    The constitution of australia was created under an act of united kingdom parliament.
  • Ireland: Easter rising

    The Easter rising was an violent uprising in Ireland during Easter week by Irish Republicans against British rule, Irish volunteers seized key locations around Dublin. The rebbelion was quickly quelled and its leader exicuted.