Lord of the Flies

  • Plane Crash

    Plane Crash
    A plane full of school boys crashes on an unknown island.
  • Ralph is chief

    Ralph is chief
    Ralph blows a conch to summon the other boys and takes a vote. He is elected chief.
  • New Tribe

    New Tribe
    Ralph goes off on his own and is soon joined by many others who sneek off to his camp.
  • The beast's true identity

    The beast's true identity
    Simon finds dead parachutist on top of mountain.
  • Piggy Dies

    Piggy Dies
    Roger pushes a boulder over the edge and it hits piggy kills him. The conch is destroyed as well.
  • Saved

    The navy arrives because of the forest fire and the smoke it gives off. The boys are finally able to go home.