Tiffini Chezick

  • Ralph Being a Leader.

    Ralph Being a Leader.
    After being on the island for a little bit, Ralph discovers a conch shell. He figured if he blew it, it would maybe draw some of the kids towards him. After blowing it, kids come from everywhere. This is where Ralph changed from being happy he was on the island away from adults, to being a leader, and being the responsible one. Everyone voted for him, which made Jack a little upset. Ralph told Jack he could be the leader of the hunters.
  • Jack Finally Killed a Pig.

    Jack Finally Killed  a Pig.
    Jack spent a lot of time as the leader of the hunter trying to kill a pig. He was obsessed with just killing a pig. When he finally killed one, he was overjoyed, and he went from being an innocent boy, to being crazy, and painting his face, still obsessed with killing pigs.
  • The Whole Group of Hunters Get in on it.

    The Whole Group of Hunters Get in on it.
    After Jack kills the pig, the hunters want to go along with it. After searching for a pig, they found a helpless sow. Being pregnant it wouldn't have been able to get away as fast as the others. They all stab it, over and over, and to top it all off, Roger shoves his spear up the sows anus.
  • Jack Makes His Own Camp.

    Jack Makes His Own Camp.
    Jack creates his own camp on the other side of the island. His tribe is all about having fun, and not about being rescued. Jack's tribe acts out in a savage manor, and show a sight of mob mentality. They torture the littuns for no reason at all, and all they do is pretty much hunt, and they dont worry about shelters.
  • Jack's Tribe Steals Piggy's Glasses.

    Jack's Tribe Steals Piggy's Glasses.
    Like savages, Jack and a few others from his tribe sneak over to Ralph's side of the island during the night, only to destroy Ralph and Piggy's shelter and take Piggy's glasses. So now, Jack's tribe has the power to make fire, leaving Ralph's tribe with a signal fire that has gone out.
  • Simon's Death.

    Simon's Death.
    While marching around their fire, Jack and Ralph andd all of the other kids, they were dancing and chanting about killing the beast. Simon on the mountain finds out what the beast really is. Simon with relief after vomitting, scatters down the mountain, through the woods, and towards the light of the fire of Jack's camp fire, comes to tell the boys the news. The boys got scared of the boy running out of the woods, and immediately attacked Simon, tearing him apart with their teeth and hands.