Brian Cook's Travels

  • Thessaloniki, Greece

    First flight across the ocean to study abroad.
  • Munich, Germany

    Spring Break Trip
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

    New Years -- Deanna, Kari, Lula
  • Nicaragua

    Mission Trip
  • China

    Teach English & Missionary Work
  • Dorchester County, MD

    Moved to Dorchester County, MD for a teaching position.
  • Pisa & Florence, Italy

    Terrible city
    John Denver -- Country Roads
  • Prague, Czech Republic

    Bar Crawl
  • Berlin, Germany

    Berlin Wall
    Concentration Camp
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Anne Frank House
    Heineken Factory
  • Brussels, Belgium

    Peeing Boy
    Belgium Waffle
  • Paris, France

    Eifel Tower
    Pigs Feet
    Louvre Museum
  • Barcelona, Spain

    "People check in, but they don't check out."
  • Rome, Italy

  • Venice, Italy

    Camp Grounds
  • Frankfurt, Germany

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