Marley legend

The Life of a Legend

  • Epic Birth

    Epic Birth
    The Birth of a Legend. The whole world celebrates at midnight
  • Period: to

    My Life

    It's great, isn't it?
  • The Beginning of Schooling of a Legend

    The Beginning of Schooling of a Legend
    Start kindergarten at Will Rogers, spend the next 7 years there
  • Start Playing Guitar

    Start Playing Guitar
    Great instrument, good times, and enjoyable for all.
  • Start Boy Scouts

    Start Boy Scouts
    It would and still is helping me shape my life.
  • Graduated from Primary Schooling

    Graduated from Primary Schooling
    I left Will Rogers a proud boy.
  • Contracted Pnumonia

    Contracted Pnumonia
    Was in hospital for 8 days, including Halloween
  • State Geography Bee

    FInish in Top 5 in the State Geography Bee at OSU!!
  • Academic Team State

    Academic Team State
    Finish the academic team year in the state tournament in Norman.
  • Become Eagle Scout

    Make scouting's highest rank
  • Tennis

    Win the Junior and eventually Adult US Open
  • Make Millions

    Make Millions
    Rule world with iron fist, perhaps just the tennis world.