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Jaycee Dugard

  • Garrido Convicted

    Garrido Convicted
    Phillip Garrido is sentenced to 50-years to life in federal prison for the rape, kidnapping, and assault of a South Lake Tahoe woman. He is sent to the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas to serve his time.
  • Garrido Paroled

    Phillip Garrido is paroled to Antioch, where he lives in the home of his elderly mother
  • Jaycee Kidnapped

    Jaycee Kidnapped
    Jaycee Lee Dugard last seen between 8:05 and 8:15 am on Washoan Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe. An unidentified man and woman were seen in a gray Mercury Zephyr making a u-turn at the time on the same road Jaycee was on. Descriptions of the vehicle and occupants put out by investigatiors.
  • Period: to

    Jaycee Held Prisoner

    Jaycee Dugard is allegedly held prisoner by Phillip and Nancy Garrido at their home in Antioch
  • Reward Posted

    Reward for information in Jaycee Dugard case grows to $20,000
  • Search Broadens

    Search Broadens
    Child Quest International joins search, distributes thousands of posters. Composite sketches of suspects are released.
  • "America's Most Wanted" broadcast on Dugard case

    "America's Most Wanted" airs a segment on Jaycee Dugard.
  • Padilla offers $100,000 reward

    Padilla offers $100,000 reward
    Sacramento Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla offers a $100,000 reward for information in the Jaycee Dugard case
  • Tip ignored

    Tip ignored
    A male caller reported to the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department that he saw a girl who closely resembled Dugard staring intently at a missing child flyer of herself in a gas station in Oakley, California. The sighting was given only cursory investigation.
  • Period: to

    Garrido Jailed

    Phillip Garrido is jailed on a parole violation
  • Capitol Rally

    Capitol Rally
    Jaycee's father and sister attend a rally at the State Capitol, calling on lawmakers to do more to protect children from criminals. Also in attendance, parents of other abducted children, Marc Klass, father of Polly Klass, and David Collins, father of Kevin Collins.
  • Anderson eyed as suspect

    Curtis Dean Anderson's name is floated as a possible suspect in the disappearance of Jaycee Dugard
  • Looking for connections

    Looking for connections
    Investigators examine whether there is a link between the disappearance of Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart, the Salt Lake City girl kidnapped from her home and held for more than a year
  • Jaycee Found