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Gardners Timeline

  • When Gardner was born

    When Gardner  was born
    Dr. Howard Gardner was born in Scranton, PA in 1943 *Month and Day not exact
  • Period: to

    Howard Gardner

  • Gardner's Education

    Gardner's Education
    1961 he enrolled to Harvard University with a history major then switched to a psychology major *Month and day not exact
  • Doctoral Program

    Doctoral Program
    1966 Gardner started Harvard's doctoral program *month and day not exact
  • Gardner becomes Doctor Gardner

    Gardner becomes Doctor Gardner
    1971 Garder finished his PhD *month and day not exact
  • School Reform

    School Reform
    1980 Gardner was involved in the school reform
  • Garnder's Theory

    Garnder's Theory
    1983 Gardner developed the multiple intelligence theory *month and day not exact
  • Frames Of Mind

    Frames Of Mind
    1983 Gardner published Frames of Mind *month and day not exact
  • Garnder's Teaching

    Garnder's Teaching
    In 1986 he began to teach at Harvard Graduate School of Education *month and day not exact
  • Zero project

    Zero project
    In the same year 1986 he began his role at project Zero *month and day not exact
  • Awards

    1990 he received the Grawemeyer Award *month and day not exact