Y2K/Millenium Bug/1999-2000 computer crash by Daniel, Shannon, and Colbi

  • Start Fixing the Computers!

    Start Fixing the Computers!
    As early as the1980s, computer companies started fixing the computers to avoid the millinium bug.A spall patch was developed that reset the date field for all computers.
  • Freak out!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Freak out!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The year has come! As soon as it is new year, the world may end!
  • Frightening News

    Frightening News
    People were afraid that the world would end in the year 2000 because their computers would not recognize the date 00.
  • Where's the money?!

    Where's the money?!
    People thought that when the computers crashed, that money from the investors will disappear since computers would "think" that "00" would mean 1900 and money was not used then.
  • Almost There!

    Almost There!
    It was almost time for the new year, and everyone was hoping their computers wouldn't crash and the world wouldn't end.
  • Midnight forever!

    Midnight forever!
    In the midnight of December 31,1999, people still thought that the world was going to end,and the world will go dark.
  • The crash is avoided!

    The crash is avoided!
    Everyone celebrates a happy new year and a new century with the world still spinning and our electricity working.Yay!