Jessica Fox

  • SPAIN!!

    [ Traveling to Spain?](http://www.totallyspain.com/?gclid=CLz_9f3L_KYCFULNKgod_BmiCA)I went with some of my high school peers to Spain for two weeks! The picture is of my sister and I in part of a castle while my friends were up on a higher part of the castle.
  • Appendicitis

    Definition of Appendicitis I had my appendix taken out...my mom thought it would be fun to document this with pictures as I went into surgery...and out! But those are too embarassing to share!
  • Graduating Highschool :)

    Graduating Highschool :)
    Newton School District Home Page I graduated from High School YAY!
  • Philadelphia Trip

    Philadelphia Trip
    Learn about the Liberty Bell I went with my church on a service mission to Philadelphia to do work with the other Catholic churches there and serve at soup kitchens etc. We also went to see the Liberty Bell and other historical landmarks while we were there!