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Indah's Life (So far)

By homie
  • Born on Bastille Day

    Born on Bastille Day
    I was born on Sunday, July 14 (at 6:35 PM), on Bastille Day, a French holiday.
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    Indah's Life (So far)

  • Broke My Leg

    Broke My Leg
    I broke my leg.
  • 5th Grade Graduation

    5th Grade Graduation
    I graduated from elementary school.
  • Went to the Sea of Thailand

    Went to the Sea of Thailand
    I went to the beach.
  • Rode an Elephant

    Rode an Elephant
    I also shook the trunk of an elephant.
  • Saw a Giant Buddha

    Saw a Giant Buddha
    I climbed up 297 steps (I counted).
  • Got My Ears Pierced

    Got My Ears Pierced
    I got my ears pierced.
  • NOC Geometry Competition

    NOC Geometry Competition
    I won 2nd place (Lucy won 1st)!
  • Get a Car

    Get a Car
    I will get one once I get my license, but I have no clue when that will be.
  • Graduate From High School

    Graduate From High School
    I will finally graduate from high school.
  • Buy a Hoverboard for my 24th Birthday

    Buy a Hoverboard for my 24th Birthday
    I want a hoverboard.