My Life

  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    The day I was welcomed to earth.
  • Gets my Dog Fang

    Gets my Dog Fang
    My now 10 year old dog was taken in on this day.
  • Starts Ecole Crane

    Starts Ecole Crane
    Kindergarten, my teacher was Mme Kavenah.
  • Moves to St. Norbert

    Moves to St. Norbert
    I moved from Waverly down to St. Norrbert (south of the city).
  • Double Digit Birthday

    Double Digit Birthday
    I finally turn 10!
  • Starts Viscount

    Starts Viscount
    In grade 5 I came to Viscount.
  • Week With Great-Grandparents

    Week With Great-Grandparents
    I spent a week with my great grandparents in Brandon, I plyed on their farm and really bonded with them!
  • Flag Football in a League

    Flag Football in a League
    Joined a flag football team! GREAT sport,
  • Trip to Wisconsin

    Trip to Wisconsin
    My mother and I traveled to Wisconsin, we visited the DELLS and did tons of waterslides! Great vacation!
  • Soccer League Champians

    Soccer League Champians
    The Richmond Raiders won gold for the A side league. Later on played for the city championship!
  • Celebration for New Years !

    Celebration for New Years !
    Party at my friends house! Met new people and had a great time welcoming 2011!