Westward Expansion

  • Period: to

    Westward Expansion

  • Thomas Jefferson is President

  • Louisiana Purchase

    President Jefferson purchases the territories of Lousiana from the French Emperor Napoleon for fifteen million dollars, US.
  • Lewis & Clark Expidition Leaves

    Lewis and Clark, two explorers, leave to examine the lands granted to America by the Lousiana Purchase.
  • The Return of Lewis and Clark.

  • First Steamboat on Mississippi

  • James Madison is President

  • Beginning of the War of 1812

    Fought between GB and USA.
  • End of War of 1812

  • James Monroe is President

  • Border of Canada Agreed On

    At the 49th Parallel: Oregon territory to be occupied jointly.
  • Spain Cedes Florida to USA

  • Missouri Comprimise

    Maine and Missouri brought into USA, slavery brought to the west,
  • John Quincy Adams is President

  • Andrew Jackson is President

  • Texas Claims Independence

  • Martin Van Buren is President

  • William Henry Harrison is President

  • John Tyler is President

  • Jospeh Smith Killed

    Leader of the Mormons is torn apart by angry mob.
  • James Polk is President

  • Texas Annexed by USA

  • War with Mexico

  • Oregon Established at 49th Parallel

  • Mexico Defeated

    Large parts of land to the east taken by America.
  • Gold Rush '49ers Head Out

  • Zachary Taylor is President

  • California Enyers the Union

  • Kansas Enters the Union

  • American Civil War Begins

  • Gadsden Purchase

  • Oregon Enters the Union

  • Abraham Lincoln is President

  • First Transcontinental Telegraph Line Established

  • Civil Wars Ends With Surrender of Confederates

  • Nebraska Enters the Union

  • Alaska Purchased from Russia

  • Transcontinental Railroad Completed at Promontory, Utah

  • Colorado Enters the Union