Pocahontas (dress)


  • Pocahontas was born!

    Pocahontas was born!
    No one knows her exact birthdate but people think in was in about 1595.
  • Pocahontas First sees the Jamestown Virginia colonists.

    Pocahontas First sees the Jamestown Virginia colonists.
    She observed the colonists build a search for food and build a fort.
  • Pocahontas saves John Smith

    Pocahontas saves John Smith
    Pocahontas threw herself on top of John Smith so that he wouldnt die. (get beaten with spikey clubs) She begged her father to let him go, or kill her first. Powatan couldnt kill his favorite and beautiful daughter.
  • John Smith captured.

    John Smith captured.
    Pocahontas' father, Powatan's brother, Opechancanough captured Smith. Powaton decided to kill him.
  • John Smith leaves Jamestown

    John Smith leaves Jamestown
    There was a gunpowder accident, and Smith is severely wounded, and must return to England.
  • Pocahontas is captured

    Pocahontas is captured
    We don't know exactly when she was captured by Sir Samuel Argall. She was treated very kindly and became a Christian.
  • Pocahontas is baptized.

    Pocahontas is baptized.
  • Pocahontas gets married

    Pocahontas gets married
    A man by the name of John Rolfe fell in love with Pocahontas and the two of them were soon married.
  • Thomas Rolfe is born

    Thomas Rolfe is born
    The newly wed couple had a son and named him Thomas Rolfe.
  • Pocahontas goes to England

    Pocahontas goes to England
    Rolfe took Pocahontas, Thomas and some other natives to England. Pocahontas was loved by many and also the inspiration of many English.
  • Pocahontas dies

    Pocahontas dies
    Pocahontas died on the returning voyage to Virginia. She became ill not long after they left England.