What Fitz has to say about Oceanography

  • 247

    Compass invented

    Compass invented
    In 247 BC the compass is developed in China
  • Feb 4, 1003

    Vikings reach North America

    Vikings reach North America
    Leif Ericson Sails from Greenland to what is now Labrador, Canada.
  • Feb 4, 1187

    Compass becomes prominent in Europe

    Compass becomes prominent in Europe
    Alexander Neckam uses a compass in the English channel.
  • Feb 4, 1300

    Maori - Polynesians

    Maori - Polynesians
    In 1300 BC a group of Polynesians settle in New Zealand and are known as the Maori
  • Feb 4, 1492

    America is discovered

    America is discovered
    1492 Columbus sails the ocean blue. In search of India Christopher Columbus accidently finds the Bahamas
  • Chronometer

    John Harrison develops the Chronometer, a clock that keeps time at sea and allows on to calculate longitude, a feat that has never been accomplished before
  • James Cook

    James Cook
    British explorer James Cook traveled widely on the seas and mapped out much of the way.
  • HMS Challenger

    In 1872 the HMS Challenger is deployed and completes the first sounding of the ocean. The ship is steam powered which allows it to travel far and fast. Every testing brough new volumes of marine life that had never been seen before.
  • Arctic Exploration

    Arctic Exploration
    Fritdjof Nanson takes his crew to the arctic where he sails on ice blocks. Proves that the Arctic is for the most part like the rest of te ocean, there are ice currents, and that there is no land in the arctic.

    Alvin the Submarine is developed by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. The three person vessel is much easier to maneuver than previous machines.
  • Topex/Poseidon

    Topex/Poseidon is a satellite launched by Nasa and the French Space Agency to regularly monitor ocean currents, temperature, and content.
  • Year of the Ocean

    Year of the Ocean
    The United Nations establishes 1998 as the year of the ocean with several goals for the future:
    -develop ocean plans and policies for beneficial advancements.
    -Raising public awarness on the relationship between humans and the ocean
    -Improving and sustaining marine ecosystems
    -Predicting ocean climate change
  • Jason I

    Jason I
    Jason I was launched to continue the job of Topex/Poseidon. It measures the ocean regularly and monitors phenomenons like El Nino
  • Pink Terraces still survive

    Pink Terraces still survive
    In New Zealand scientists find the Pink Terraces of Lake Rotmahana that has previously thought to have been destroyed by Mt Tarawera.
  • Discovery of Greenland

    Discovery of Greenland
    Eric the Red, notorious viking, discovers Greenland while on exile. returns and settles in 985.
  • Polynesians Migrate

    Polynesians Migrate
    In 2,500 BC he Polynesians sail throughout the pacific ocean into what is now Fiji, Santa Cruz, New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and many other places.