• Jan 1, 1200


    the world's first computer with sliding beads
  • Period: Jan 1, 1200 to

    Computer History

  • Blaise Pascal

    Blaise Pascal
    the first mechanical calculator
  • Joseph Jacquard

    Joseph Jacquard
    punch card
  • Charles Xavier Thomas

    Charles Xavier Thomas
    the Arithmometer, and the first commercially successful calculator
  • Charles Babbage

    Charles Babbage
    the Analytical Engine
  • Augusta Ada

    Augusta Ada
    had the idea that the analytical engine could be programmed using punch cards
  • ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer

    ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer
    first electronic digital computer
  • The Ultra

    The Ultra
    invented by Alan Turig's and it won WWII for the Allies because of its Artificial Intelligence
  • Silicon Chips

    Silicon Chips
    miniaturized electric circuit
  • Apple Computer

    Apple Computer
    made my Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak and it was built by hand in Job's parent's garage