Dholki Dhamaka!!

Timeline created by zshahab2
  • FB event

    as soon as the poster is made, the event should be up, location: Thea's Lounge
  • Confirm Thea's Lounge

  • Contact Farid bhai for GSS assistance

  • Budget due

    Need details on how much money can be spent on what. Excel sheet expected
  • Create poster

  • 100 posters printed AND posted around campus

    distribution on campus
  • create PSA website

  • PSA General Meeting

    Announce details on structure of dholki event
  • Ticket Design for both dulha and dulhan

  • build online ticket link

  • Period: to

    Both groups must be planning their performances!!!!

  • Marketing off campus

  • Finalize dinner details

  • Begin targetting sponsors

    look for prizes, money donated, tell them 150 people will be coming, good chance to bring out your name
  • Period: to

    Group meetings

    TRY to get your groups to meet and begin planning your performances, figure out costumes, equipment needed
  • Decoration Finalized

    include approx prices on decor needed
  • Present decoration plan

    how hall will be decorated, costs, details needed!
  • 1st promotional video

  • The Big Day!!!