Assasination of Aracduke Franz Ferdinad

  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    Franz Ferdinand and his wife were from Austria-Hungry, and the were in Bosnia for some occasion. A "black hand" member Gavrilo Princip wound up murdering the archduke and his ol'lady.
  • Austria-Hungry declares war on Serbia

    Austria-Hungry declares war on Serbia
    Austria Hungry went to war with Serbia, due a resident assassinating the Archduke and his wife.
  • Armenia Genocide

    Armenia Genocide
    AKA Great Crime
    1 and 11/2 million Armenian's were executed
  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    Sinking of the Lusitania
    the Lusitania was an British ship aborded by (1,959) American veterans. The Lusitania got knocked off by a German U-boat, killing majority of the thousand plus men who were on the ship, she got knocked off the Old Head os Kinsle Ireland sinking 18minutes in 11miles.
  • zimmerman Telegram

    zimmerman Telegram
    Dimplomatic proposal to Mexico From the Germans, to declare war with the United States
  • United Steated Declares war on Germany

    United Steated Declares war on Germany
    Germany's unrestriced warfare policy
    Germany and ally Mexico team up against the U.S.
    American;s war with Germany would "Make the world safe for Democracy"-President Wilson
  • Woodrow Wilsons 14 points

    Woodrow Wilsons 14 points
    The 14 points was to assure the country that a great war was being fought, for moral cause and for post war peace in Europe. The Treay of Versaille didn't have much to do with the 14pts.
  • Russia Withdraws

    Russia Withdraws
    A Revolution broke out in Russia.
    Lenin set up a communist government.
    and Russia signed an armistice.
  • Leauge of Nations

    Leauge of Nations
    As a result of the Treaty of Versailles the Leauge of Nations was featured at the end of WW1.
  • Treat of Versailles

    Treat of Versailles
    Treaty of Versailles was one of the Peace treaty's at the end of World War 1.
    a seizeable document that featured some 440 articles and numerous annexes.
    the treaty deprived Germans about 13.5% of what use to be their territory in 1914.
  • Germany Surrenders/ Armistice Signed

    Germany Surrenders/ Armistice Signed
    May 4ht Dontiz authorized General Alfred J.
    to go over an armistice with Eisenhower.
    Germans claimed they wanted a "Sepreate Peace" with all allies.
    The very next day Eisenhower made thme Surrender