Industrial Revolution

  • Spinning Jenny

    Spinning Jenny
    Invented by James Hargreaves. MAchines used to weave cloth together to make clothing, etc. Increased clothing productionand the need of cotton.
  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    Invented by James Watt. Engine powered by steam from boiling water. It was used in boats and trains for transportation. Used in miklls tp power looms ( mills could be built anywhere now ).
  • Thresher

    Invented by Andrew Meikle. Seperates grains from the stalk. Increased production in agricultural industry and farming trade.
  • Factory System

    Factory System
    Samuel Slater secretly brought the ideas into America. Hundreds of peiople work in one place manufacturing products. People move to cities, they work by the clock and earn wage.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    Invented by Eli Whitney. This seperated seeds from cotton. It also increased the demnad for cotton, which increased the demand for slaves.
  • Interchangeable Parts

    Interchangeable Parts
    INvented by Eli Whitney. Replacement pieces of exact specifications. Parts that are exactly alike. Production became faster. Repairs easier and cheaper. Decreased need for skilled labor.
  • Steamboat

    Invented by Robert Fulton. Boats powered by steam engines rather than water wheels. Transportation became easier and faster and citites such as St. Louis developed. Aided in Westward expansion.
  • National Road

    National Road
    Proposed by Albert Gallatin. Road built from Maryland to Verginia.Easier route through the Appalachian Mountains. Allowed people to move about the country easier and aided with settlement of new areas.
  • Erie Canal

    Erie Canal
    Proposed by John Calhoun. Waterway that linked NYC with Buffalo. OPened up Ohio for transportation of farm products and developement. Westwaed expasion made easier.
  • Mechanical Reaper

    Mechanical Reaper
    Invented by Cyrus McCormick. It could cut ripe oats, barley, or wheat. This made production 24 times faster.
  • Steel Plow

    Steel Plow
    Invented by John Deere. The steel plow did not break or get dull in the hard clay, or rocky soil. It increased the production and settlers expanded west.
  • Telegraph

    Invented by Samuel Morse. This is a device that was used to send messages. It improved communitcation by making it faster. Connected regions of the country together.