Rock 'n' Roll Debate Timeline

By benr2so
  • Rocket 88, the first Rock 'n' Roll record, is recorded.

    The record known as the first rock and roll record, "Rocket 88" was recorded for Chess Records by Jackie Brenston and Ike Turner's band.
  • First USA Rock 'n' Roll concert

    The Alan Freed-hosted Moondog's Coronation Ball, America's first Rock 'n' roll concert, featured several R&B stasrs. The show sold out in a 10,000 seat arena, and almost double that rioted at the gates, trying to gain entry.
  • Rock 'n' roll is banned in Santa Cruz, California

    The city of Santa Cruz placed an official ban on rock 'n' roll at all public gatherings.
  • Elvis Presley appears on the Ed Sullivan Show

    At first, Ed Sullivan rejects Elvis' request to perform live on the show. Eventually, Ed Sullivan grants Elvis his wish but when Elvis performs, The camera only shows him from the waist due to sexually suggestive movements of his hips.
  • Buddy Holly and Sam Cooke on Sullivan

    The two early rock 'n' roll artists appear on the Ed Sullivan Show together.
  • The Beatles' first American concert.

  • Woodstock Festival Begins

    500,000 people gathered for a three-day festival to see artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Janis Joplin, and The Who.
  • Elvis Presley dies

    Elvis Presley died of cardiac arrhythmia, which is the irregular beating of the heart, which resulted from overdose of prescription drugs.