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The Murder of Emmett Till

By wgb361
  • The Murder

    The Murder
    Emmett Till, a young man who lived in Money, Mississippi, was tortured and killed for whistling at a white woman. A heavy car part was put around Till's neck and he was thrown in to the Tallahatchie River.
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    The Murder of Emmett Till

  • The Arrest

    The Arrest
    Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam were arrested for the kidnapping and murder of young Emmett Till. The two men were sent to jail in Greenwood, Mississippi.
  • Finding the Body

    Finding the Body
    The body of Emmett Till was found in the Tallahatchie River and identified by Moses Wright. Wright could identify the body because Emmett's mother gave him his father's ring that read L.T. (Louis Till). Emmett was wearing this ring when found dead.
  • The Devastating Funeral

    The Devastating Funeral
    Emmett Till's funeral was held at Roberts Temple Church of God in Chicago. Emmett's mother decided to have an open casket. Those who lived in Chicago lined up by the thousands to see Emmett Till's terribly beaten corpse.
  • The Trial of the Brutal Murder

    The Trial of the Brutal Murder
    The trial for the murder of Emmett Till was held in the Tallahatchie County Courthouse. Several reporters gathered a group of share croppers who overheard Till being beaten. They saw Milam's truck in the driveway of Emmett's great uncle Moses Wright.
  • The 67 Minute Trial

    The 67 Minute Trial
    Ray Bryant and J.W. Milam were announced innocent. The trial only lasted for 67 minutes.
  • The Murderers Release

    The Murderers Release
    Milam and Bryant's bond was paid so they were released from jail. The charges for kidnapping were still not official.
  • The Shocking Story

    The Shocking Story
    Look magazine published an article by William Bradford Huie about the Till case. It was called "The Shocking Story of Approved Killing in Mississippi."