Computer Technology in Education

Timeline created by elihult
  • 1st computer used in instruction

    Flight simulator used to teach MIT pilots.
  • 1st computer used to teach schoolchildren

    NYC schools use IBM computer to teach binary arithmetic to students.
  • Microcomputers enter the scene

    Teachers begin to use microcomputers in the classroom and gain control of teaching technology.
  • WWW is here!

    A graphics-based browser replaces text only internet and changes the nature of information.
  • ISTE

    ISTE gets created in response to the need for technology standards in education. NETS helps students and educators with defining necessary tech skills.
  • Period: to

    John Dewey

    Dewey believes learning happens through social experiences. Curriculum should be developed based on student interests, not random skills.
  • Period: to

    Lev Vygotsky

    Vygotsky thinks learning happens by building new knowledge from previous knowledge; a process he refers to as scaffolding.
  • Period: to

    Jean Piaget

    Learning happens in stages of biological/social/cognitive development. As children's brains develop, they are able to learn different types of information from basic sensory information to high level thinking skills.
  • Period: to

    Jerome Bruner

    Children learn by interacting with their environment. They need to learn by exploring and experimenting hands on.
  • Period: to

    Howard Gardner

    Gardner believes in multiple intelligences. There are 8 types that are innate in each individual. Educators need to help students develop their intelligences through varied activities that reflect those different skills.
  • Period: to

    University Time-sharing systems

    Universities use mainframes for programming.
  • Period: to

    CIA Movement

    Schools start using minicomputer systems in conjuction with university mainframes.
  • Period: to

    Mainframe and Minicomputers all the rage!

    Schools start using computers to aid in instruction.
  • Period: to

    CAI on the downslope

    Computer literacy becomes the focus; students should acquire technology skills to be well-rounded.
  • Period: to

    Microcomputer applications explode

    This is a great period for softward developers: new programs designed for education are being developed at a fast pace.
  • Period: to

    ILS Emerge

    School standards start being incorporated with computer programs. Central servers with connected computeres replace individual systems.
  • Period: to

    Internet really takes off

    Online learning becomes commonplace.
  • Period: to

    ISTE updates standards

    ISTE reissues tech standards to meet the new tech requirements of students and educators.