Antebellum Timeline

  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    An agreement to pass Missouri as a slave state. A line was made defining the area of the former Louisiana Territory north of Missouri to remain free and south to be slave. Maine was accepted into the union to level the slave states and free states of America. This act pleased both North and South. The Senate remained even with slave and free representatives due to this compromise.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    Henry Clay proposed the compromise as a means of deciding whether or not to allow slavery in the newly acquired territory after the Mexican-American War. California was admitted as a free state. Slave trade was abolished in the District of Columbia. The Territory of New Mexico and the Territory of Utah were organized under the rule of popular sovereignty. The Fugitive Slave Act was passed, requiring all U.S. citizens to assist in the return of runaway slaves.
  • Publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin
    Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, was the second-best selling book of the 19th century behind King James' Bible. This book helped fuel the abolitionist movement of the 1850's.It was made into a movie with Samuel L. Jackson. The story gives a good view into America's slavery past.
  • Attack on Charles Sumner

    Attack on Charles Sumner
    Charles Sumner spoke up against Andrew Butler in a pro-union speech to Congress. Preston Brooks, Butler's cousin felt he had to retaliate. Him and other Congressmen went into Sumneer's office and beat hm with a cane. Sumner was out of senate for 3 years and never fully recovered. There were no legal consequences.
  • Attack at Pottawatomie Creek

    Attack at Pottawatomie Creek
    John Brown felt it was his godly duty to abolish slavery. A band of aolitionists and him killed five men in Franklin county, Kansas. The men were lured from their homes and killed with broadswords. John Brown shot one man in the dome to ensure he was dead. This action was part of Bleeding Kansas.
  • Election of 1860

    Election of 1860
    The four major candidates were John Bell, Abe Lincoln, Stephen Douglas and John Breckridge. John Breckridge won most of the Southern states. Abraham Lincoln won most of the Northern states. Abraham Lincoln won. a month later, Southern states began to make real threats of secession.
  • South Carolina Secedes

    South Carolina Secedes
    South Carolina was the first to secede from the union. The audicity of the state encouraged many others to form the Confederacy. South Carolina did so with the "Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union". Cristopher Memminger released this statement on Decmber 20th. Two other documents were released in SC's secession.
  • Attack on Fort Sumnter

    Attack on Fort Sumnter
    When SC seceded, they demanded the Union Army to leave. U.S. Major Robert Anderson consequently moved forces to Fort Sumnter controlling the entrance to Charlseton Harbor. Buchanan's attempt to resupply Fort Sumnter was thwarted by SC bombings. South Carolinian troops then seized all of Charlseton with the exception of Fort Sumnter. The Confederate states ended up causing Anderson to evacuate but the Civi War had just begun.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act
    This act led to the formation of Kansas and Nebraska. It also gave each the ability to decide whether to be a free or slave state. This act was written by Stephen A. Douglas. It was an attempt to ease tensions between North and South with popular sovereignty. The bill was only a temporary solution.
  • Attack on Lawrence, Kansas

    Attack on Lawrence, Kansas
    The attack, known as the Lawrence Massacre, was a rebel attack led by William Clarke Quantrill. Lawrence, Kansas was a pro-union town. Quantrill targeted Lawrence for its many abolitionists and raiders of plantations. A quarter of its buildings and most men were dedstroyed by 300-400 men on horse-back. Jennison later did the same to a grea portion of Missouri in revenge.