Chapter 31 Timeline

  • Stonewall Riot

    Stonewall Riot
    Homosexuals fought back against a government-sponsored system that persecuted sexual minorities. The Stonewall Riot sparked gay rights movement.
  • Invasion of Cambodia

    Invasion of Cambodia
    The objective of the invasion was the defeat of the 40,000 troops of the People's Army of Vietnam and the National Front for the Viet Cong who were ensconced in the eastern border regions of Cambodia. There was a thought that the US would be able to withdrawl it's troops from South Vietnam if this was done.
  • Kent State Shootings

    Kent State Shootings
    The National Guard was sent onto college campus when students who were shot had been protesting against the American invasion of Cambodia. Other students shot were simply walking by and were not part of the protest.
  • Nixon's spies arrested

    Nixon's spies arrested
    Plumbers Nixon's private spies were arrested in 1972 for breaking into Democratic party Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.
  • Truce Signed

    Truce Signed
    Truce signed in 1973: United States withdrew, North Vietnamese remained. It was also known as the Paris Peace Accords of 1973 which intended to establish peace in Vietnam and an end to the Vietnam War.
  • Senate Investigation

    Senate Investigation
    Damaging Senate hearings on cover-up. White House tapes were discovered during the investigation.
  • The Great Inflation

    The Great Inflation
    The American economy rested on cheap oil. OPEC action caused price to rise. Inflation drive by oil prices, Federal budget deficits, global food shortage. Prices rose, incomes fell, economy was the worst since the Great Depression.
  • Attack on Israel

    Attack on Israel
    Yom Kipper War- Egypt and Syria attacked Israel but were in for a rude surprise when Israel ended up winning the war.
  • SALT I

    SALT I
    SALT I froze the number of strategic ballistic missile launchers at existing levels, and provided for the addition of new submarine-launched ballistic missile launchers only after the same number of older intercontinental ballistic missile and SLBM launchers had been dismantled.
  • Final Phases of Watergate Scandal

    Final Phases of Watergate Scandal
    Supreme Court ruled Nixon must turn over tapes. House Judiciary committee recommended impeachment.
  • Resignation of Nixon

    Resignation of Nixon
    The president resigned because he was afraid of facing impeachment for his role in the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s.
  • North Vietnam conquers South Vietnam

    North Vietnam conquers South Vietnam
    North Vietnam now conquered South Vietnam and the government that now ruled in the South was the PAVN.
  • Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

    Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
    North Vietnam and South Vietnam were merged in 1976 as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Soviets invaded Afghanistan

    Soviets invaded Afghanistan
    Carter Doctrine armed opposition if Soviets moved closer to Persian Gulf. United States boycotted 1980 Olympics.
  • Superfund

    A superfun was set up in the year of 1980 to help clean up toxic wastes found around in areas.
  • Democrats include gay rights plank

    Democrats include gay rights plank
    Jimmy Carter was lobbied to include a gay rights plank in the Democratic Platform in 1980.
  • AIDS detected

    AIDS detected
    Apparent confinement to homosexual men results in early public action concerning AIDS. Spread to drug users, recipients of blood transfusions prompts panic.
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    600,000 marched on Washington in support of Gay and Lesbian rights. There were six days full of activities and protests to try and get the message across.
  • Reagan's Administration Response to AIDS

    Reagan's Administration Response to AIDS
    Reagan's Administration provuded for Fund Research, and little funding for education and prevention. In 1987 they made the Appointment of AIDS Comissioner.
  • Defense of Marriage Act

    Defense of Marriage Act
    The act stated that no state needs to treat as a marriage a same-sex relationship considered a marriage in another state and the federal government defines marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman.