jordan dows timeline

  • BORN

    jan 8, 1995 i was born on sunday. I was 6 pounds 4 oz. In
  • Period: to

    jordan dow timeline

  • walked

    walked for the fist time.
  • GONE

    My dad was sent away to jail when i was 3 years old
  • ear surgery

    Had ear surgery on both my ears. I got tubes in both because I got ear infections.
  • first pet

    got a all white cat when i was one year old

    moved to the outer banks by the beach in a beach house.
  • First day

    First day
    that was my first day of kindergarten and riding a school bus.
  • sister

    my sister hunter was born and was 7 pound 1 oz.
  • CAMPING!!!

    had first camping trip in skyline drive.
  • first girl friend

    had a little crush/ girl friend if that what you want to call it when we are young.
  • BIG MOVE again

    BIG MOVE again
    i moved to ayden, NC
  • first baseball game

    first baseball game ever and loved it ever since
  • DOGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

    got my first dong lab name conor
  • first home run

    first home run
    i hit it in little league baseball it was a 2 run shot.
  • sister

    hannah was born and that is my second sister.
  • UNC

    the very first unc game i when to.
  • BUCK

    shot my fisrt 6 point buck
  • fisrt day of high school

    SORRY if i get the date wrong but i dont know exactly what date that was but yeah.
  • 5k

    that was my fisrt ever run and it was a 3 mile race and i came in 3rd in age group
  • permit

    i got my permit