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Magnificent Mile

By kbelsha
  • Water Tower construction begins

    Water Tower construction begins
    Chicago's historic Water Tower and Pumping Station are built by William Boyington at Michigan Avenue (then-Pine Street) and Chicago Avenue. The construction lasts from 1867-69.
  • Plan is developed

    Plan is developed
    The Chicago Plan is created by local developers to transform Michigan Avenue from an Indian trading post into a major commercial boulevard. The plan includes widening the streets and constructing a bridge so that the avenue will resemble Paris' Champs Elysees.
  • Idea is born for Michigan Ave. bridge

    Idea is born for Michigan Ave. bridge
    The idea of the Michigan Avenue Bridge -- after much political debate-- is born. The bridge will connect the "old" South part of the street with the "new" North part -- and create a gateway to the city's new commercial district.
  • Building boom

    Building boom
    From 1920 until 1929, Chicago experiences a building boom. One of Michigan Avenue's first skyscrapers, the Chicago Tribune Building, was commissioned during this time period, as well as several others: the Wrigley Building, the Drake Hotel and The Allerton Crowne Plaza.
  • 'Magnificent Mile' promotion begins

    'Magnificent Mile' promotion begins
    After the depression, the leader of The Greater North Michigan Avenue Association launches the "Magnificent Mile" promotion to renovate and build new buildings and park space, taking a giant step toward the street's transfomation into a center of retail and culture.
  • John Hancock Center is tallest in world

    John Hancock Center is tallest in world
    The John Hancock Center opens on Michigan Avenue and is the tallest building in the world --at that time -- peaking at 100 stories.
  • Second building boom begins

    Second building boom begins
    1981 marks the start of the 13-year, second building boom on the avenue. Many buildings are completed or renovated during this time, including: the 600, 626 and 900 N. Michigan Avenue buildings, Chicago Place and Crate & Barrel.
  • It's a brand name -- officially

    It's a brand name -- officially
    The Greater North Michigan Avenue Association gets trademark rights for the Chicago's Magnificent Mile name, brand and marks.