The History of Millennium Park

By cmadu24
  • Initial plans announced

    Initial plans announced
    Mayor Richard M. Daley annouces the plans to build Lakefront Millennium Park as a part of Grant Park. Initial plans have the park being ready by summer 2000 and costing $150 million.
  • Theater announced

    The plans for a 1500-seat theater for music and dance are unveiled. It would later be named Harris Theater.
  • Architect announced

    Architect announced
    World reknown architect Frank Gehry is hired to desgin several of the outdoor sections of the park.
  • The "bean" is added

    The "bean" is added
    A sculpture by Anish Kapoor called "Cloud Gate" is approved to be added to the park. More commonly known as "the bean," this has become one of Millennium Park's most popular attractions.
  • Contractors fired

    City Hall fires a key contractor, the joint venture of Paul Schwendener Inc. and G.M. Harston Construction Co.
  • Original contractors sue the city

    The Schwendener and Harston joint venture sue the City of Chicago
  • Daley seeks more funds

    To help with the increasing costs of the park development, Mayor Daley desides to use $30-50 million of the money set aside for Loop development
  • Daley blames Gehry for rising costs

    One day after seeking additional funds, Mayor Daley blames architect Frank Gehry for some of the budget problems, but apologizes two days later.
  • Crown Fountain announced

    Crown Fountain announced
    The Crown Fountain, named in honor the legendary Crown family of Chicago, is set to be installed in the park. The fountain is two 50-foot tall walls with human faces on it that spout water out of the mouth.
  • Skating rink opens

    Skating rink opens
    The McCormick Tribune skating rink is the first Millennium Park attraction to open. Though an ice skating rink in the winter, it becomes an outdoor dining area in the summer.
  • Harris' make donation

    Harris' make donation
    Joan and Irving Harris make a $15 million donation and a $24 million construction loan to the music and dance theater which is then named after them.
  • Millennium Park finally opens

    Millennium Park finally opens
    After far exceeding the initial budget and running four years passed the initial launch date, Millennium Park is finally open for the pubic.