Holy Name History

By dmozie
  • Cathedral of St. Mary opens

    The Cathedral of St. Mary, the first cathedral of the 2-year-old Diocese of Chicago, opens.
  • Chapel of the Holy Name opens

    The Chapel of the Holy Name opened in 1849 on the University of St. Mary on the Lake's original campus. The wooden chapel was located on Cass and Superior Streets.
  • More growth in the parish

    Despite the move to another wooden church in 1851, the number of parishioners at the Chapel of the Holy Name continued to grow. A new, large brick church, with plans for a 245 foot steeple, was constructed and built on southeast corner of State and Superior Streets. Parishioners celebrated its first Mass in this church on this date. The steeple was never completed; it was destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.
  • The Great Chicago Fire

    The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 destroy the Cathedral of St. Mary.
  • Fire claims Holy Name

    The Chapel of the Holy Name was destroyed by the Great Chicago Fire.
  • Another New Beginning...

    After years of fundraising to build a new church, Chicago Bishop Thomas Foley laid a cornerstone for the present Holy Name parish.
  • Holy Name Cathedral opens

    Holy Name Cathedral opens
    The new Holy Name Cathedral was dedicated.
  • Chicago now has an archdiocese

    Chicago now has an archdiocese
    The Diocese of Chicago is made an archdiocese. The Right Rev. Patrick Feehan, bishop of the Diocese of Nashville, Tenn., is appointed Chicago's first archbishop.
  • Archbishop Feehan dies

    After years of failing health, Archbishop Feehan dies.
  • Archbishop Quigley

    James Edward Quigley, Bishop of Buffalo, N.Y., is installed at Holy Name Cathedral as Chicago's second archbishop.
  • Archbishop Quigley dies

    After overseeing tremendous growth for the archdiocese through numerous building projects, including the enlargement of Holy Name Cathedral, Archbishop Quigley dies.
  • Bishop Mundelein installed as Chicago's third archbishop

    Bishop Mundelein installed as Chicago's third archbishop
    George Mundelein, bishop of the diocese of Brooklyn, N.Y., was named as Chicago's archdiocese. At the age of 42, he was America's youngest archbishop at the time.
  • Pope Pius XI names Mundelein a cardinal

    Archbishop Mundelein becomes Chicago's first cardinal Mar. 2, 1924. He receives his red hat from Pope Pius XI on Mar. 24.
  • The International Eucharistic Congress comes to Chicago

    Holy Name Cathedral hosts the 28th International Eucharistic Congress in June. At the time, it was one of the largest celebrations held in any church, let alone Holy Name.
  • Cardinal Mundelein dies

    Cardinal Mundelein is found dead. More than a million people viewed his body as it lay in state at the Cathedral. His broad red hat, known as a galero, was the first to be raised to Holy Name's ceiling. It remains there to this day.
  • Archbishop Stritch comes to Chicago

    Archbishop Stritch comes to Chicago
    Archbishop Samuel Stritch of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, is appointed Chicago's fourth archbishop. His installation takes place Jan. 3, 1940.
  • The Archdiocese of Chicago turns 100, Holy Name Cathedral turns 75

    The Archdiocese of Chicago celebrates its 100th anniversary. Holy Name Cathedral turned 75 this year.
  • Samuel Cardinal Stritch...

    Archbishop Stritch is appointed as a cardinal by Pope Pius XII.
  • First broadcast of Holy Name's Midnight Mass

    First broadcast of Holy Name's Midnight Mass
    WBKB-TV (now WLS-TV) gives first television broadcast of the Midnight Mass at Holy Name Cathedral. The Christmas Eve broadcasts are now done by WGN-TV.
  • Cardinal Stritch dies

    Cardinal Stritch dies only two months after being appointed to Proprefect of the Roman Congregation of the Propagagtion of the Faith.
  • Bishop Meyer arrives...

    Bishop Meyer arrives...
    Bishop Albert Meyer, Archbishop of Milwaukee, is installed as Archbishop of Chicago.
  • Albert Cardinal Meyer...

    Archbishop Meyer is elevated to a cardinal by Pope John XXIII.
  • The death of Cardinal Meyer

    Cardinal Meyer dies.
  • Archbishop Cody comes to Chicago...

    Archbishop Cody comes to Chicago...
    New Orleans Archbishop John Cody was installed as Chicago's sixth Archbishop.
  • John Cardinal Cody

    Pope John VI elevates Cody to a cardinal.
  • Holy Name closes for repairs...

    Holy Name closes for repairs...
    In need of critical repairs to its structural foundation, Holy Name Cathedral was closed Easter Sunday of this year. At the same time, cathedral was redesigned to conform to new Vatican requirements. The cathedral would remain closed for almost two years.
  • Holy Name reopens

    Following a $4 million renovation, Holy Name Cathedral reopens for its Midnight Mass service.
  • The Holy Father's Visit

    The Holy Father's Visit
    Pope John Paul II becomes the first pope to visit Holy Name Cathedral as part of his American tour and trip to Chicago.
  • The death of Cardinal Cody

    Cardinal Cody dies.
  • Archbishop Bernardin succeds Cody

    Archbishop Bernardin succeds Cody
    Cincinnati Archbishop Joseph Bernardin is named as Chicago's seventh Archbishop.
  • Joseph Cardinal Bernardin

    Archbishop Bernardin is elevated to cardinal status by Pope John Paul II.
  • The Flentrop organ

    The Flentrop organ
    The Flentrop organ in Holy Name Cathedral was formally dedicated. With 5,558 pipes and four keyboards, it is easily the largest mechanical-operated organ in Chicago.
  • Cardinal Bernardin dies

    After a brave, public battle with cancer, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin died. Millions of parishioners and admirers from around the world attended his funeral at Holy Name.
  • Archbishop Francis George succeeds Bernardin

    Archbishop Francis George succeeds Bernardin
    Portland, Ore. Archbishop Francis George was installed as Chicago's eighth archbishop.
  • Francis Cardinal George

    Archbishop George is elevated to cardinal status by Pope John Paul II.
  • Holy Name turns 150

    Holy Name turns 150
    Holy Name Cathedral celebrates its 150th anniversary.
  • Holy Name closed again for repairs

    A large panel of the cathedral's ornate roof falls. Holy Name is closed for nine months while extensive repairs are done.
  • Holy Name reopens

    After tedious work on the cathedral's roof, Holy Name reopens.
  • Fire at Holy Name

    An early morning roof fire at Holy Name closes the church for more repairs.