• Problem

    What do I think the items will do ?
  • Hypothisis

    I belive that the apple or orange will decompose the most.
    I belive that the foil and regular chip bag will decompose the least.
  • Materials and Equipment

    Materials and Equipment
    We used shovels, rebar, hammer, stakes, and caution tape. The items we used were reg, chip bag, sun chip bag, paper, cotton fabric, styrfoam, foil, apple, orange.
  • Procedures

    We dug holes in the ground and put the items in the holes. At the end of the 9 weeks we will dig them up and see which one decomposed the most.
  • Dig Day

    Today we buried the items and we dug holes about 12 - 6 inches deep depending on what we were buring.
  • Sytrofoam Cup

    I do not think the Styrofoam cup will decompose.
    Statistics say that on average it takes 500 years for it to decompose.
  • weather

    the weather ranged from 24 - 54 degrees
    wind : 9 - 18 mph.
    little to no precipataion
  • Aluminum Foil

  • weather

    temp. : 12 - 65 degrees
    wind speed : 8- 20 mph.
    Little to no Precipation
  • Sun Chip Bag

    Sun Chip Bag
    the sun chip bag sais that it is decomposable but I think it will take quite a long time for it to decompose.
  • weather

    temp. : 10 - 76 degrees
    wind speed : 12 - 51 mph.
    It is snowy.
  • Regular Chip Bag

  • weather

    Temp. : High of 49 And a low of -5.
    The wind ranged from 10 - 29 mph.
    Max snow depth 6 inches .
  • Apple

  • Weather

    Temp. : Low 28 - high of 80 degrees
    Wind : 10 - 28 mphs
    Little to no precipatation
  • Paper

    paper takes a while to decompose so in a nine week span it will not decompose. Get a recycling bin and take it to a recycling plant every week or so.
  • Weather

    Temp. : low 48 - 75
    Wind : 11 - 27 mph.
    Little to no precipation
  • Cotton

    I do not think that this will decompose very much
  • Weather

    temp. : 32 - 67 degrees
    Wind : 9 - 16 mph.
    Little Prectipation
  • Orange

    I think that this will be one of the several that will decompose the most.
  • Weather

    Temp. : 30 - 71 degrees
    Wind: 11 - 24 mph.
    No precipation
  • Final Conclusion

    The date we buried them was the 8th of march and remmber to recycle !
  • Apple conclusion

    As I thought the apple was one of the sevaral that decomposed the most.
  • Cotton Conclusion

    The cotton
  • paper Conclusion

    The Paper Decomposed maybe a tenth of the way.
  • Foil Conclusion

    The foil did not decompose at all .
  • Orange Conclusion

    The orange was also about Half way decomposed.
  • regular Chip Bag Conclusion

    The reg. Chip bag did not decompose at all . 0%
  • Styrafoam Conclusion

    The Styrafoam cup did not decompose at all.
  • The Sun Chip bag

    The sun chip bag did bot decompose . It might if it had more time .