The Revolutionary War

  • Sep 4, 1174

    First Continental Congress

    First Continental Congress
    September,4- October 16, 1174
    First Continental Congress most delagates wertn ready to call independence, to have the delctration to there own rights. They decided to meet in 7 months if nessary
  • French& Indian War

    French& Indian War
    1754 - 1763.
    A long and expensive war between France & Britian. and there Native American Allies for control over North America. after won the King began taxing colonists to pay for the war, which made the colonists angry!
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    The proclamation of 1763 is the colonists got forbade to settle West of the Appalachians. Not able to move anywhere because of this Law.
  • The Sugar Act

    The Sugar Act
    The Sugar Act was the first tax the King did. He wanted to show the people that he was going to start taxing. It was the begging of something very horrid.
  • The Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act
    March 22, 1765
    The Stamp Act was the where the king said there had to be a stamp om everything, law related and important documents to be sent. which the colonists had to pay which was extra.
  • The Quatering Act

    The Quatering Act
    March 24, 1765
    The Quatering Act the British soilders live in the homes of civilins, and give them supplies and pay for them becuase of war.
  • The Townshend Act

    The Townshend Act
    June 29, 1767
    The Townshend Act parliament passed the Kin's act. The King suspanded New Yorks assembly until New York agreed to provide homes for the trips, start taxing more.
  • The Declaratory Act

    The Declaratory Act
    Mrach 18, 1768
    The Declaratory Act parilemt can govern the colonies. Passed after the Stamp Act was repelled. Colonies tried to ignore this act and celebrate the reapl of the Stamp Act
  • Boaton Non-Importation Agreement

    Boaton Non-Importation Agreement
    August 1,1768
    Boston Non-Importation Agreement the taxes is about how officers, had to pay. on a good cause, all the money would go to the king
  • Boston Massacare

    Boston Massacare
    March 5,1770
    Boston Massacre a group of dock workeres including a free black man Crispus Attucks, and youth, started insulting thhe Bristish. Then broke into a riot were four labors were killed including Crispus Attucks.
  • The Tea Act

    The Tea Act
    May 10,1773
    The Tea Act took all tax except for tea. Because it was the most popular thing then Tea was like an addiction, they needed tea
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
    December 16,1773
    The Boston Tea Party that the sons of liberty put together called the Boston Tea Party. When 3 Tea ships were docked a group of men disgused as Natives aboarded the shio and destroyed 342 chests of tea. and strongly oppsed taxtiaon without representation.
  • The Intolerable Acts

    The Intolerable Acts
    March 31-June22,1774
    The Intoolerable Acts voted to ban all trade with Britian till they reapeled. They also called on each clonoy to begin training troops
  • Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty, or give me death"speech

    Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty, or give me death"speech
    March 23,1775
    Patrick Henry's"Give me Liberty, or Give me death"speech he is sayi gn that he would fight in the war for his Liberty, or if he loses to kill him. He wants his liberty to his own rights
  • Paul Revere & William Daws "Midnight Ride"

    Paul Revere & William Daws "Midnight Ride"
    April 18,1775
    Paul Revere & William Dawes "Midnight Rides" both were to supposed to get arrested for spreading news about the British movement. They gave singlas to everyone to know when the British were coming and how
  • Battles of Lexington &Concord

    Battles of Lexington &Concord
    April 19,1775
    Battles of Lexington & Concord the first war un the revolutionary war. Battles broke out in the Lexington, and Concord. People needed to decide agaisnt British they were Patriots and the people who were with the British were the Loyalists
  • Second Continental Congress

    Second Continental Congress
    May 10,1775
    Second Continental Congress John Adams and Smuel Admas, John Hancock, Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Pattrick Henry. Agreed to form a contienetal army. where George Washington is the leader
  • Ft. Ticonderoga Seizedd by Ethan Allen & Green Moutian Boys

    Ft. Ticonderoga Seizedd by Ethan Allen & Green Moutian Boys
    June 15,1775
    Ft. Ticonderoga Seized by Ethan Allen & Green Moutian Boys they captured the fort. They also stole there large supply of artillery- cannon and large guns
  • Washington named Commander and Cheif of Continental Army & Navy

    June 15,1775
    Washington named Commander and Cheif of Continental Army & Navy he quoated "could i have forseen what i have, and am likley to expierence no consideration upopn cart should have induced me to except this command" he was now in command of everything
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    June 17,1775
    Battle of Bunker Hill the militia men were sitting on a hill (Bunker Hill) and they got a command " not to fire till they see the whites of there eyes"2,200 British soilders attack over the hill
  • American forces under Benedict Arnold fail to seize Quebec

    American forces under Benedict Arnold fail to seize Quebec they lost the fight, he failed to seize Quebec the forces Benadict Arnold was wounded
  • Continental Army wins at Princeton

    Continental Army wins at Princeton forty patirots and 275 british people were killed after defeat by washington. The Howe brithers decided to let washington have most of New Jersey. Cornwallis thought washington to run , but washington fought
  • Thomas Paine publishes "common sense"

    January 15,1776
    Thomas Paine publishes "common sense" it played a good part in independece, It transformed into something remarkable. It advocated independence for the american colonies
  • British Evacuate Boston

    March 17,1776
    British Evacuate Boston.Boston stood tall in the outcome. Even though the Bristish had 9,000 soilders deprated Boston in more thann 100 ships. Then anti British was so strong loylaist were scared for there safety.
  • Delcaration of Independence Adopted

    July 4,1776
    Declartion of Independence Adopted John Hancock was first to sign, for there independece to King George. King Gerorge needs to re think on what to do, and know they are delcareing there own independece, so they stop war
  • Hessian Mercenaries Arrives to fight for British

    August 1776
    Hessaian Mercenaries Arrive to fight for British continental army routed at long island New York.
  • BritishWin Battle of Long Island, New York

    Aug 27,1776
    British Win Battle of Long Island, New York the americans began the battle by killing people, but then couldnt defend themselves. the british won the war. but the americans were planed on being attacked again.
  • British Occupy New York City

    Sept, 15,1776
    British Occupy New York City that washington kicked out general Howe form New York and general Howe had to occupy somewhere else. but Howe landed at Kip's Bay with 150 more ships and reinforcements, and enterd New York City unoppesed and paused his campaiegn. in Nov. he would purse washington out of New York and across New Jersey
  • Battle of Trenton

    Battle of Trenton washington washington crosses the Delaware river and captures a Hessian force at Trenton, New Jersey
  • Marquis de Lafayette arrives in colonies

    July 27,1777
    Marquis de Lafayette arrives in colonies a 19 year french aristal arrives in Philadelphia and volunteers to serve without pay. Congress apoints him as a major general in the Continental army. Lafayette will beco,e one of Gen. Washingtons most trusted aides
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga colonel David Williamson patriots were attacked by cherokee south of franklin, North Carolina in a gorge known as the black hole, Americans eventually cleared the pass
  • British occupy Philadelphia

    British occupy Philadelpha congress appoints Jefferson, Franklin and Silas Deane to negotiale treaties, with European goverments, Franklin and Deane then travel to France seeking finacial and military aid
  • British win Battle of Germantown

    British win Battle of Germantown washington wanted to confront them, and decided to attack them at night. washington hoped to suprise them
  • Vally Forge

    Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, the continental Army led by washington up winter quaters
  • U.S. and France form official alliance

    U.S and France form official alliance France signed a treatty with Continental Cpngress which would prpovide troops, ships, and supplies to america
  • British abandon Philadelphia and return to NY city

    British abandon Philadelphia and  return to NY city
    June 18,1778
    British abandon Philadelphia and return to NY city Clinton witihdraws his troops form Philadelphia annd marche, across New York City. Americans then re-occupy Philadelphia
  • British Capture port of Savannah, Georgia

    Dec. 29,1778
    British Capture port of Savammah, Georiga the British begin a major southern campaign with the capture of savannah, Georgia, followd a month later with the capture of Augusta
  • Battle ofg Vincennes/Ft.Sackville

    Battle ofg Vincennes/Ft.Sackville
    Battle of Vincennes/ Ft. Sackville Baron Von Steuben of Prussia arrives at valley forge to join the continental army. he then begings much needed trianing and drilling of washingtons trrops, now suffering from poomorale resulting from cold,hunger,disease, low supplies and sesretions over the long harsh winter
  • Spain declares war on Britian

    June 21,1779
    Spain declares war on Britian but does not make an alliance with the ameican revclutionary forces.
  • Bttle of Flamborough Head "I've not yet begun to fight"

    Bttle of Flamborough Head "I've not yet begun to fight"
    Battle of Flamborough Head"i've not yet begun to fight"off the coast of england, John Pual Jones fights a desreate battle with british frigate. when british demanded his surrender , Jones responded"i've not yet begun to fight" Jones then captures the frigate before his own ship sinks
  • British capture Charleston

    May 12,1780
    British capture charleston the worst american defeat of the revoltuionary war occurs as the britsh capture.Charleston and its 5400-man garrison (the ntire southern american army)along with 4 ships and military arsenal.British losses are only 225
  • First French Troops arrrive to help American War Effort

    July 11,1780
    First French Troops arrive to help American War Effort 6000 french soliders arrive at New Port, Rhode Island, They will remain there for nearly a year, blockaded by british fleet
  • Gen. Benedict Arnold commmits treason

    Gen.Benedict Arnold commits treason one of Benedicts spy's get caught with his plans. carolina after americans capture reinforcemeants a loyalist force of 1000 men
  • Battle of Kings Mountain

    Battle of King's Mountian Gen Cornwallis abandons his inucion of North Carolina after Americans capture reinforcements,a loyalist forve of 1000 men
  • Articles of Confederation Adopted

    March 2,1781
    Articles of Confederation Adopted dates that burned or was inportant date was put on its article, such as the declration of independece
  • French Fleet drives Briitsh out of Chesapeake Bay

    Sept 15,1781
    French Fleet Drives British out of Chesapeake Bay De Grasse sends his ships up Chesapeake Bay to transport the armies of washington and Rochambeau to York Town
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Sept.28-Oct 19,1781
    Battke of Yorktown Gen washington with a compound allied army of 17000 men, begins the siege of yorktown is about to be taken, British sent a flag of truce, both Gen, worked out trades of surrender . the band plays"the world turned upside down" the british march out in formation surrenders at Yorktown
  • British troops return to Britian

    July 1782-Nov.1783
    Btitish troops return to Britian. the superme court of Massachuestts abolishes slavery that in state. The treaty of Paris is singed by the U.S. and Great Britian. In Virgina the house ofo Burgesses grants freedom to slaves, in the continental army.Washington sends his farewwell address to his army. The next day the remainign troops are disgarded
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris, The Treaty of Paris is singed by the United States , and Great Britian. Congress with ratify the treaty on Jn 14, 1784
  • U.S. Constitution Signed

    US.Constitution Signed it was signed by 38 of 41 delegates present, on paper,congress. The central authority had power to govern forgein affairs, conduct war and regulate currency. But the Congress was givin no authority to requests money or troops