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The Red River (most dates might be wrong)

  • "you go no farther..."

    "you go no farther..."
    Canadian surveyors arrive in Red River and start to divide the land into large squares, not unlike the block system in Ontario
  • Rejected

    14 Metis block leiutenant governor, Willian McDougall, from entering Red River.
  • Moving forwards

    Moving forwards
    Riel and his followers set up a provisional government to maintain order and determine the future of the union with canada
  • Great Scott!

    Great Scott!
    the metis execut Thomas Scott, a troublemaker from Ontario
  • Sign Here

    Sign Here
    The metis government create the metis bill of rights
  • check-Metis

    Manitoba is oficially a canadian province
  • Red River rendevous

    Red River rendevous
    The Prime minister sends troops into Manitoba for security reasons
  • Riel's Retreat

    Riel's Retreat
    Out of fear for his life, Riel flees to the U.S.A.