Mug beer

Brewing Beer

By grankin
  • The Starter Wort Ingredients

     The Starter Wort Ingredients
    Step 1: Make the Starter Wort
    2 quarts water
    6 ounces dry malt extract
    1 package instant starter wort
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  • Making the Starter Wort

    Making the Starter Wort
    Heat the water and malt and let boil for 10 minutes
    then cool to 60 degrees. sanitize the wort container ( Popular Mechanics and location of the recipe recommend a no rinse sanitizer) *
    Add the yeast and place in a covered container.
  • Make the Mash

     Make the Mash
    11 pounds of grain
    11 quarts of water
    Mash is not needed for the ale ( making it faster to make Ale 3 hour versus one full day)
    Put it in the pot and boil to 150 degrees for onr hour. Test it by taking a spoonful of the liquid out and dropping one drop of iodine in. Black? go back and cook more
    Same color all set for the next step
  • Straining and Sparging

    Straining and Sparging
    Again a step not needed with Ale
    First Runnings: Pour the mash into the Lauter Tun ( a pot with a strainer to separate the grain from the liquor).
    Getting the secon runnings: Heat more water '1/2 gallon per pound of grain at 180 degrees ' . Pour the water into the Tun again. Separate the grain from the water.

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  • The Boil

    The Boil
    Put the first and second runnings in a pot and bring it to a boil. Add the hops ( this recipe uses 1 ounce 4.8 percent alpha-acid Styrian Goldings hops)
    Then boil it for 60 minutes. In the last five minutes of the boil add 1/2 teaspoon of ginger .
    1 cinnamon stick
  • Cool and Pitch

    Cool and Pitch
    You need to cool the liquidto 68 degrees as quickly as possible.
    They recommend using a Wort Chiller. Then it should be strained and transferred to a carboy which is a huge a large glass container.
  • The Fermentation

    The Fermentation
    Make sure the chiller has a blow off valve to remove the carbon dioxide. This process will be very active in the first 26 hours. After a week the liquid should be siphoned out to another sanitized carboy. A vanilla bean should be added to the liquid for this recipe.
  • Bottling

    After two weeks, the beer gets bottled. Sanitize everything well, bottles, siphon and buckets.
    Put '3/4 cup of corn sugar and boil it for 15 minutes in a pint of water.' * Cool the sugar water and add it to the bottom of a bottling bucket. Then transfer the beer to this bucket.
    Two weeks after this the beer is ready to drink.