oceanography leonel estebes 1st period

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    ptolemy was a greek geogarpher
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    first to calculate the circumfrenece of the earth
  • 300

    north star

    north star
    phyteas created a navigation method using the north star
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    greek contribution

    greek contribution
    herodontus contructed a map of the meditterian sea
  • Jan 4, 982

    baffin island

    baffin island
    eric and red sailed westward of greenland and found bafin island
  • Jan 4, 995

    new found land

    new found land
    leif ericson discovered vinland
  • Jan 4, 1400

    the navigator

    the navigator
    prince henry established a marine observatory to
    improve the Portuguese sailing endeavors
  • Jan 6, 1490

    sound navigation and radar

    sound navigation and radar
    sonar is the technique that uses sound propagation to detect other vessels and comunicate
  • Jan 4, 1513


    ferdinand magallan circumnavigated the globe through a passage way the straights of mallagan
  • james cook

    james cook
    Using Astronomy and Mathematics he began calculating Longitudes
  • hawaiin group

    hawaiin group
    james cook discovered a hawaiin group and the first person to discover the atlantic circle
  • matthew maury

    matthew maury
    matthew maury joined the us navy at the age of 19 in 1825 but after a leg injury he devoted his life to the study of navigation , currents , and winds
  • darwin

    chrales darwin gets the origin of species published
  • challenger expedition

    challenger expedition
    4 year expedition
  • bathysphere

    the bathysphere is a sphere that is lowered into the deep sea by a cord and uses no electrical power
  • gulf stream

    gulf stream
    Discoverd Surface currents and published the first map of the Gulf Stream in 1977.