Pennsylvania Timeline

  • Jan 4, 1492

    Columbus is sponsored by Spain

  • Jan 4, 1492

    Columbus lands in Caribbean

  • Jan 4, 1500

    First contact with Europeans

  • Jan 4, 1500

    Wookland Period

    Native Americans start to farm and become less nomadic.
  • Jan 4, 1500

    Many tribes live in PA

  • Jamestown, VA was settled

  • Henry Hudson explores the Delaware Bay area

  • Pilgrims settle in Plymouth, MA

  • Mayflower

  • Peter Minuit Comes from New Netherlands

    Peter Minuit joined the Dutch West Indian Co. (CWI) and is sent to New Netherlands to find tradeable goods other than animal pelts in 1625 and returned the same year. Then, in 1626 he was appointed the governor of New Netherlands. In 1638 he was fired for unclear reasons.
  • New Sweden is founded

    A Swedish expadition landed in Delaware in 1638 where the people of the expadition built fort christina after Sweden's 12 year old queen at the time.
  • The Dutch Take over New Sweden

    About 7 years after its founding New Sweden is taken over by the Dutch. The Dutch believed that the colony was essentially theirs because they helped financially with the founding company of New Sweden.
  • The English take over the colony of NY

    From 1664-1674 the english had rule over New Amsterdam which they renamed New York
  • William Penn is granted the Charter for Pennsylvania

    William Penn was granted land in the New World after his father died from King Charles II who owed a debt to Penn's father. He got 45,000 acres of land that he named Pennsylvania after his decieced father who left him the land (the name was suggested by the king after Penn suggested New Wales and Sylvania)
  • Pennsylvania is Founded

    William Penn founded Pennsylavnia from the charter that king Charles II granted him.
  • William Penn meets witht the Delaware Indians

    William Penn met with the Lenne Lenape (Delaware) for peace negotiations and to purchase the Delawares' land.
  • William Penn Dies

  • Ben Franklin arrives in Philadelphia

  • Walking Purchase

    The Penn family prodused a fake contract with the Lenne Lenape's ancestors that stated that the family could have as much of the Lenape's land as the could walk in a day and a half. Thinking that their ancestors signed the contract and that the Penns would take a nice walk down a trail, Instead, the Penns hired some of the fastest runners and had a straight path cleared so they could cover as much land as possible.
  • Pontiac's Rebellion

    Native Americans in the Ohio Valley refused to make any contact with the new British Monarch, King GeorgeIII. They refused contact because they were allies of the French in the French and Indian war so when the French lost to Britain the Monarch wanted the Indians to be loyal to him, that didn't work out for him.
  • Stamp Act

  • Townsend Acts

  • Anthracite Coal is first used in homes

  • Boston Tea Party

  • The Intolerable Acts are passed

  • 2nd Continental Congress

  • Declaration of Independence

  • The Pennsylvania State Constitution is Written

    The Pennsylvania State Constitution is the guide lines by which our state government is based. The first draft of the document was written in 1776 and was sort of like a draft for the Constitution of the United States. It outlines basically the same rights and laws that the National Constitution states, but this only pertains to the common wealth.
  • Washington Occupies Valley Forge

    General Washington and his continental army camped out in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (about 25 miles northeast of Philadelphia) in the winter of 1777-1778. For the first few months the soldiers lived in tents that didn't provide much help when it came to the extreme cold outside. They even didn't have proper clothes for the cold and they often shared clothing when they went outside. And it wasn't untill February of 1778 that the soldiers finally finished building permanent houses with fireplaces
  • The Articles of Confederation are adopted by the states

  • The U.S. Constitution is Adopted

  • John Fitch Invents the Steamboat

    John Fitch successfully demonstrated the first steamboat on 22 August, 1788. He launched a 45ft. boat in the Delaware with delegates from a Constituional Convention as witnesses. Four years later he was granted a patent for his invention after a battle with James Rumsey who created a similar invention.
  • George Washington is elected Presindent

  • Cornplanter's Grant

  • The Lancaster Pike is Complete

    Picture N/A (IOError occurred while loading, don't ask what that is, I don't even know.) The lancaster Pike was completed construction in 1794 when it connected the cities of Lancaster and Philadelphia with a single road which had never been done before. The road was also the Nation's first toll road and the first paved road as well.
  • The French and Indian War

    The war took place form 1754-1763 over land in the New World. The British and the French wanted the same land and as we know form history, no one can share. The indians of the Ohio Valley took the side of the french who later lost.