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Colonial PA Timeline

  • Jan 4, 1000

    B.C-1500A.D.Woodland Period

  • Jan 4, 1492

    Columbus (his voyage was sponsered by Spain)

  • Jan 4, 1493

    Columbus Landed In The Caribbean

  • Jan 4, 1500

    -1600 Many Tribes Live in PA and First Contact With Europeans

  • Jamestown Virginia was settled

  • Henry Hudson explores the Delaware Bay area

  • Pilgrims settle in Plymouth (Massachusetts) and their ship is called the Mayflower

  • Peter Minuit comes to New Netherland

    Peter Minuit comes to New Netherland
    Peter Minuit was born in 1580 and lived in Holland. He fled from Holland to the American Colony of New Netherland and became its governer. He worked with the Swedish government to form a new colony called New Sweden in 1638. He is alos known for his purchase of Manhattan from the indians.
  • New Sweden is founded

    New Sweden is founded
    New Sweden was established by Peter Minuit with the help of the Swedish government. New Sweden was established in 1638 and was along the Delaware River. In 1655 the Dutch take control of New Sweden.
  • The Dutch take over New Sweden

    The Dutch take over New Sweden
    The Dutch helped the company that financialized New Sweden establish the settlement of New Sweden so the Dutch felt that New Sweden was theirs. In 1655 the Dutch came and conqueored New Sweden and take it over. The rule of New Sweden quickly transitioned from Swedish rule to Dutch rule.
  • England takes over the Colony (New York)

    England takes over the Colony (New York)
    The colony of New York was originally called New Amsterdam before England took it over. In 1664 the English came in and took over New Amsterdam and renamed it New York. England's reason for taking it over was that it separated the New England from the other English colonies.
  • William Penn is granted the Charter for Pennsylvania

    William Penn is granted the Charter for Pennsylvania
    William Penn was born in London, England on October 14, 1644 and is the founder of Pennsylvania. In 1681 he was granted a charter for land because King Charles the second owed William Penn's father money. The land he was given was called Pennsylvania meaning Penn's Woods in memory of his father.
  • Pennsylvania is Founded

    Pennsylvania is Founded
    In 1682 Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn from a charter he recieved from King Charles II. Originally Pennsylvania was named New Castle then Sylvania, but the name was change to Pennsylvania in honor of William Penns father.
  • William Penn meets with the Delaware Indians

    William Penn meets with the Delaware Indians
    Not long after arriving in Pennsylvania William Penn arranged a meeting with the indian leaders. The most important was the one with the respected Delaware Indian Chief Tamaned. At this meeting there was an agreement made with Penn and the Indians called the Great Treaty and was to conclude the meeting and seal the treaty of peace.
  • William Penn dies

  • Ben Franklin arrives in Pennsylvania

  • Walking Purchase

    Walking Purchase
    After William Penn died his secretary James Logan had trouble trying to settle things with the Indians. Logan asked Penn's sons to come and help him settle the disputes but the problem was Penn's sons were not Quakers. The sons of Penn and James Logan met with the Delaware Indians led by Chief Mutimus and the Delaware Indians were pressured into selling thier land along the Delaware River.
  • -1763 French and Indian War

    -1763 French and Indian War
    The French and Indian War cas caused by George Washington attacking the French to get them to leave the westerlands. After that the war begun and many Indian tribes began to pick sides and fight, but some tribes stayed nuetral. The Indians that usually sided with the French sided with them because they wanted to keep their fur trade alive. The war lasted nine years and in the end the French surrendered.
  • Pontiac's Rebellion

    Pontiac's Rebellion
    Pontiac was an Ottawa Indiabn Chief and was angry because some of his people were giving up their native ways and becoming Christians. Pontiac decided to team up with other Indian Tribes and raid settlers homes. They killed many soldiers and burned crops and farms. Pontiac took colonists as prisoners and he destroyed several British Forts and surrounded Fort Pitt.
  • Stamp Act

  • Townsend Acts

  • Anthracite Coal is first used in homes

  • Boston Tea Party

  • 1st Continental Congress is Held

    1st Continental Congress is Held
    The first Continental Congress was held in 1774 in Philadelphia. At the meeting colonists tried to decide how to convince England to stop its polocies on taxation. They created a new petition called the "Delcaration of Rights and Grievances," and sent it to King George III. The colonists decided to wait for a rely form King George III and left Philadelphia and agreed they would me again in May in Philadelphia again.
  • 2nd Continental Congress

  • The Pennsylvania State Constitution is Written

    The Pennsylvania State Constitution is Written
    The Continental Congress directed every state to write its own constitution and congress was meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The state of Pennsylvania was one of the first states to write a constitution. The Delegates of the convention worked together and completed the Pennsylvania Constitution and it put the power of the government in the hands of the common citizen.
  • -1778 Washington Occupies Valley Forge

    -1778 Washington Occupies Valley Forge
    During the winter Washington and his men were tired and ragged and they stayed Valley Forge and spent the harsh winter there. As new came that February about a French alliance with the Americans gave the soldiers new hope and they began to train and drill under Baron von Stueben. In the spring the army looked like a new army ready to fight with more discipline and training. Now Washington's army could match up against the British.
  • The Articles of Confederation are adopted by the states

  • John Fitch Invents The Steamboat

    John Fitch Invents The Steamboat
    The rivers in Pennsylvania were good sources for transportation and people needed boats that were faster so that got William Henry to want to build a steam boat.In the early 1760's Henry built a steamboat but it failed. Then about 20 years later John Fitch created a steamboat and tried to get Philadelphia investors to back the project to build it. Fitch tested his steamboat on the Delaware River and it was a success even though it was not widely used by the public.
  • George Washington is elected President

  • Cornplanter's Grant

  • The Lancaster Pike is Completed

    The Lancaster Pike is Completed
    People were beginning to get tired of the rutted, muddy road from Philadelphia to Lancaster so a private company called the Lancaster Turnpike Company decided to take on the challenge. For three year they cut down trees and moved rocks and then the road opened. It was the first long-distance paved road in the United States.