Colonial PA Timeline

  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to Jan 1, 1500

    Woodland period

    begin farming and less nomadic
  • Period: Jan 1, 1492 to Jan 1, 1493


  • Many tribes live in PA, First contact with Europeans

  • Jamestown, VA was founded

  • Henry Hudson explores Delaware Bay Area

  • Pilgrims settle in Plymouth Mass.

    They came in the Mayflower
  • Peter Minuit comes to New Netherlands

    Peter Minuit comes to New Netherlands
    Peter Minuit takes office as Governor of New Netherlands. He bought Manhattan from the Indians for $25, today that would be about $500. New Sweden is founded when he bought the land from the Native Americans.
  • The Dutch take over New Sweden

    The Dutch take over New Sweden
    After the Swedes built 3 forts, the Dutch attacked them, because the Dutch feared that it was to prepare for a war. Then when the Dutch take over, New Sweden became known as Delaware.
  • England takes over New York

    England comes to take over with a lot of force , and they succeed in overtaking New York. The main reason why they won was that the citizens were tired of Stuyvesant's unfair rules and didn't want any bloodshed.
  • William Penn is granted the charter for Pennsylvania

    William Penn is granted the charter for Pennsylvania
    The King granted William Penn land because he owed William's father a large sum of money, and couldn't repay it. William asked the King to give him land in America to pay off the debt.
  • PA is founded and William Penn meets the Delaware Indians

    PA is founded and William Penn meets the Delaware Indians
    Pennsylvania means Pienn's woods. William Penn wanted the Quakers to live in peace, as well to promote religious freedom for everyone. He referred to it as a "holy experiment"
  • William Penn dies

  • Ben Franklin arrives in Philadelphia

  • Walking Purchase

    Walking Purchase
    The sons of William Penn began to create a lot of tension between them and the Indians. They wanted more land, but the Indians would refuse everytime. One of these cases was the Walking Purchase. A Delaware Chief then signed a treaty with Logan Penn. It stated that the English would stop selling them rum and bringing fur traders if the Delaware would sell them half of their land. However, the English tricked them into running and losing about twice of the agreed land. And that resulted in them
  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
  • Pontiac's Rebellion

    Pontiac's Rebellion
    Chief Pontiac of the Ottowa was tired of the way of the white people, so he led a bunch of tribes to attack the settlers and destroy fort detroit, Although he never succeeded, the British were terrified and developed the Proclamation of 1763.
  • Stamp Act

  • Townsend Acts

  • Anthracite Coal is first used in homes

  • first Continental Congress

    first Continental Congress
  • 2nd continental congress

  • The Articles of Confederation are adopted

  • George Washington is elected President

  • Cornplanter's Grant