cold war

  • nuclear arms race and detente

    Beggining at the end of WW2. U.S. and Soiet Union began a race to match or top each others new Weapons.The result was a balance of terror. People lived in constant fear of nuclear destruction.
  • nato and warsaw pact

    1949 US and Canada and 9 other countries formed an alliance they pledged to help each other if any of them were attacked
  • Warsaw pact

    1955 Soviet union responded to Nato by forming its own alliance called the warsaw pact.Soviets resorted to keep their satellites in order.
  • communist cuba and missle crisis

    Fidel Castro took over the country and trasformed it into communist. Know as the cuban revolution
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin was split into 2 sections west berlin being democratic east berlin being communist.In 1961 east Germany built a wall that sealed off west berlin.The wall was built to keep people from fleeing.
  • Communist cuba and missle crisis

    Soviet Union sent nuclear missiles to cuba.President Kennedy Ordered a blockade to prevent futher shipment and demanded that the soviet union remove the missles. This caused the world to fesr a nuclear war.Eventually they romved the missles.
  • Nuclear Arms race And detente

    Americans and Soviet armss control agreement led to an era of Detente Which was a relaxation of tensions