Barratt-Randi B-Revolutionary war

  • British Retreat

    The British retreat from Boston
  • Period: to

    British sail to New York

    About 32,000 British soldiers and German mercenaries sailed into New York harbor.
  • Battle of New York ends

    Washington came to fight against the British soldiers in New York but lost and so the battle ended.
  • French begin to help Patriots

    The French Began to secretly send weapons to the Patriots in hope to help defeat the British.
  • Sailed across the Delaware

    Washinton led 2,400 men across the Delware into Trenton
  • Surprise!

    Washington led his men through Trenton to a group of hessians where they staged a surprise attack and captured 918 enemy men and killed 30.
  • Enlistment ends

    On this day Washingtons enlistments for his soldiers end and so he has to act fast and defeat the enemy or he'll lose his troops.
  • Americans win another battle

    After there surprise attack the Americans won another battle in Princeton.
  • Philadelphia is captured

    British captured Philadelphia despite Washingtons best attempts to fight them off.
  • Burgoyne surrenders

    British general Burgoyne surrenders to the American army in Saratoga.
  • Period: to

    Valley Forge

  • French and Americans sign a treaty

    A treaty was signed between the French and American soldiers stating that the French will not make peace with the British until they recognize America's independence.
  • Troops were taught new skills

    AMerican troops were taught to become better soldiers by Friedrich von Steuben.
  • Period: to

    British shift

    British began to shift down south
  • British take Savannah

    The british take over Savannah, Georgia
  • British capture Charles Town

    The British take over Charles Town, South Carolina.
  • Corwallis defeats American troops

    American troops were defeated by Corwallis in Camden, South Carolina.
  • General Clinton sail south

    General Clinton sailed south with 8,500 men
  • British surrender

    The continental Army forced British to surrender
  • Corwallis attacked in North Carolina

    Corwallis attacked at Guilford house, North Carolina and won
  • Letter of help

    Nathanael Greene (Washingtons, general) sent out a letter of help.
  • Robert Morris

    Robert Morris is appointed superintendent of finance
  • Troops get paid

    Thanks to Morris' efforts the troops are finally paid.
  • British Surrender

    On this day General Corwallis finally admits defeat.
  • Watch the surrender

    The French and American troops line up to watch the British surrender.
  • Period: to

    Peace talk in Paris begins

  • Treaty od Paris

    On this day the Treaty of Paris is signed marking the end of the war.