Inventions 1850-1900

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  • Bessemer Process

    invented by: Henery Bessemer, This invention was used to make steel and this was very important because is was a faster way to sell steel and use it.
  • Incandecent Bulb

    Thomas Edison was the inventor of this product, It was a better version of the first light bulb and provided more light.
  • Air Brakes

    This was invented by George Westinghouse and it was mostly used for trains. These brakes were very safe compared to the brakes before them.
  • Barbwire

    This invention was made by joesph Glidden, the wire was used on top of trenches to protect anyone from coming in and also at the top of jail fences so criminals could not exscape.
  • Cash Register

    James Ritty invented the cash register and it is very important beacuse it organises monay and holdes it in one place.
  • Maxim Gun

    Hiram Maxim was the inventor of this gun, and he made lots of money on it becasue it was such good use in the spanish american war.
  • Alternating Current

    Nihola Tesla invented this and this allows electricity to be passed on a long ways with out buliding a place for DC
  • Basketball

    James Naismith took a couple years to actually get the game right but he did eventually and today it provides people with a very high paying job.
  • Radio

    Nihola Tesla invented this music player which is still used today. Everyone uses it for example on job sites.
  • Asprin

    The inventor of this product is Felix Hoffman, This invention is suck good use to this day it helps take away any pain in your body and is still making money to this day