Founding of 13 Colonies

  • Virginia

    Had a single crop economy revolving around the production of Tobacco. The colonists made up the House of Burgesses which was a representative style of government. The Virginia colonists had a terrible relationship with the Natives and had many bloody wars/battles.
  • Period: to

    The 13 Colonies

  • New Hampshire

    It was absorbed by Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts

    Massachusetts was a multy crop economy and involved much importing and exporting to England. John Winthrop was the first governor of Massacchusetts and made Puritanism big part of the government. Socially Massachusetts wanted to be percieved as a "city upon a hill."
  • Maryland

    Maryland was a single crop economy involving Tobacco, Lord Baltimore was the governor and leader for Maryland. Lord Baltimore wanted to create the society as a refuge for Christians.
  • Connecticut

    An extension of Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island

    Roger Williams, who was exiled from Masssachusetts, established freedom of religion for Christians and Jews. Roger Williams believed the governmetn and religion shouldnt be combined and was a democracy. The economy was based off the triangle trade with England and the West Indies involving sugar, rum, and people.