Founding of the 13 Colonies

  • Virginia Founded

    Social: Had a social hierarchy
    Political: House of Burgesses
    Economic: Cash crop was tobacco
  • New York Founded

    Social: Very diverse, had platoonships, almost feudalism
    Political: Little freedoms, had Peter Stuyvesant as leader
    Economic: Grain was their main export
  • Massachusetts Founded

    Social: Heavily religious
    Political: Town meetings,religion was involved
    Economic: Fish and ships, Lumber
  • New Hampshire Founded

    Absorbed by Massachusetts
  • Maryland Founded

    Social: Religious tolerance
    Political: Ruled by Lord Baltimore
    Economic: Tobacco
  • Connecticut Founded

  • Rhode Island Founded

    Social: Place for misfits
    Political: Run by Roger Williams
    Economic: Similar to Massachusetts
  • Delaware Founded

  • North Carolina Founded

    Social: Poor farmers
    Political: Democratic
    Economy: Self sufficient
  • South Carolina Founded

    Social: People lived on large plantations
    Political: Very aristocratic
    Economic: Tobacco was cash crop
  • New Jersey Founded

    Social: Quakers
    Political: anti-authority, very peaceful
    Economic: Grain was their main export
  • Pennsylvania Founded

    Social: Quakers, religious tolerance
    Political: Anti-authority
    Economic: Grain
  • Georgia Founded