The Thirteen Original Colonies

  • Virginia

    Political: Government not established
    Social: First colony founded by English
    Economic: Trade with Native Americans
  • New Hampshire

  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Political: Male dominitaded government Social: Religious intolerance. Established a church Economic: Beginnings of trade; fur, fish, ship building
  • Maryland

    Political: Controlled by Lord Baltimore
    Social: Accepted Catholics
    Economic: Tabocco main crop. Indentured slavery.
  • Connecticut

    Political: Established Fundamental Orders
    Social: Consisted of Boston Puritans
    Economic: Trade similar to Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island

    Political: Influenced/controlled by Roger Williams
    Social: Religious outcasts
  • Delaware

    Political: Democratic
    Social: Religious Intolerant. Ethnically diverse. Inhabbited by Sweden.
    Economic: Exportedgrainand lumber.
  • North Carolina

    Political: Lords Proprieters created the separation between North and South Carolina